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McDonalds is considered as one of the largest chain of food service companies. They have almost more than 30,000 restaurants over almost 100 countries. It has a very strong and deep financial base and situation and their products have been accepted all over the world with its quality and taste. McDonalds have a typical and particular ability and competency and universal infrastructure in their operations. McDonalds look after their areas and surroundings with their high commitments and openly communicating their cognition and skilfulness for the safety of their food for the coming coevals.
McDonalds has established back in 1937 by Patrick McDonald. Even though this has been ...view middle of the document...

In 2003, a new CEO has been taken charge, he is Jim Cantalupo. Since then the restaurant has been running under a new management strategy. It basically concentrates on the losses which have been facing until 2003 from the last 40 years since then. As we mentioned earlier, even though the restaurant has been running for the last 40 years they were facing almost 343.8 millions dollars by beginning of 2003 which is on January 2003.
The new management strategy which has been regulated by the new CEO involves many function such as strategic planning, strategic formulation, evaluation and control, decision making, analysis the strategies and thus we are going to analyse the management strategy of McDonalds. Here we mainly focus on the different strengths, weakness and opportunities.
The strategic management can be outlined as the following of superior performance by using the scheme that assures a better or potent corresponding of corporate force to customer needs than offered by rivals. Strategic Management is considered as the way to plan the business goals to make the company in very high position. It is the responsibility of the head of the company. Strategic Management concentrates strong fundamental structure of a business which will be elaborated through the unity of every individual of a company. Strategic Management is the function and science of explicating, carrying out and assessing cross functional determinations that will enable an organization to attain its goals.
The advantage and disadvantages of Strategic Management
The power of an amalgamation schemes are quickly obvious. Initially absorption allows high point executives to find deep knowledge of the business. This has to reduce the strategic defects. The business can be in a well situation to improve the resources and capacities. Strategic management always concentrates on improving towards the best interests of the company by following a few strategies. Making use of the best of means existing to them they always aim to raise the productivity and performance of the company. But there are situations where strategic management tends to fail. The company would face issues like finding the staff to orient themselves along the same wavelength through which the company intends to travel upon. At times, the staff with fail to find them motivated. Sometimes, the plans of the company would be high, but there wouldn't be necessary resources to satiate the demand. This will instead bring about a bridge gap thus dissipating the idea of a forward strategic movement. There have been instances when the company faced issues in the global side. Officious organizations, government organization, political traders will fail to recognize the strategy with which the company intends to place it strategies. Typically, these groups will come out as hurdles for the forward movement. There have been instances when the producer fails to understand the demand and requirement of the customers. Instead...

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