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Strategic Management Case Study Project

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“Mission Statement Evaluation Matrix”
Perhaps the best way to develop a skill for evaluating mission statements is to study actual missions. There is no one best mission statement for particular organization, so a good judgment is required in evaluating mission statements. Evaluation of a mission statement regarding inclusion of the nine components is just the initiation of the process to assess a statement’s overall effectiveness. Effective statements should include nine components that can be understood well by the following examples of mission statements and their evaluation matrix.

Components of the Mission Statements:
1- Customers
2- Products or services
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No particular technology has been highlighted. Technology is not the core success factor for the company as it is used at the very backend for preparing food items.

V. Concerns for Growth , Survival and Profitability
Aspects of business growth, survival and profitability and cost do not exist. Mission statement is mainly focused on the taste and nutrition of food items. Financial stability is based on customer satisfaction which in turn depends on the quality of taste and nutrition.
VI. Philosophy
The philosophy focuses on best, healthy and nutritious food products to valuable customers. Nestle itself is the symbol of nurture and care of peoples’ lives, and this is provided through world’s best food products of the company, that’s why this factor has not been typically highlighted in the statement.
VII. Self Concept
Safe, high in quality, nutritious ingredients enriched products for good health are considered strength of the company. Company’s competitive position neither is nor clearly mentioned.
VIII. Concern for Public Image
For best environmental concerns, Nestle products are safe and high in quality to meet best nutrition standards.
IX. Concern for the Employees
Employee concerns are not stated in the statement. It should also be a part of statement as employees are one of the major stakeholders of the company as the success of an organization is reflected through their hard work. They must also be prioritized.

Mission Statement of DHL:
“DHL enhances the business of our customers by offering highest quality express and logistics solutions based on strong local expertise combined with the most extensive global network presence. Customers trust DHL as the preferred global express and logistics partner, leading the industry in terms of quality, profitability and market share”
I. Customers
Business Clients and companies are the major customers of DHL. DHL is the major logistic service and solution provider for the corporate clients and statement has not highlighted household or medium enterprise sectors.
II. Products and Service
DHL provides highest quality express services and logistics solutions. It provides fast product delivery services all over the world and facilitates on logistic assistance for the client organizations.
III. Markets
DHL operates in Global market segment. The services are delivered in almost all countries of the world with greater east and fast speed.
IV. Technology
No particular technology has been highlighted. DHL does not specialize in technological operations rather it is operational in logistic services.

V. Concerns for Growth , Survival and Profitability
DHL is industry leading company with greater profitability and market share. Company is operating successfully among all other companies thereby having a sustained competitive advantage globally.
VI. Philosophy
Its philosophy is to cover greater Market share by achieving...

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