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Strategic Management Essay

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According to a cuisine popularity survey undertaken by the Kellog School of Management (2004), Thai food is ranked at number four after Italian, French and Chinese cuisine. Thai food also proves to be a popular ethnic cuisine among western respondents according to another survey conducted by the Sasin Institute, in which it ranked sixth.
Thai government has also played an important role to boost Thai food in the international arena by promoted “The Kitchen of the World” project. This project aims to increase the number of Thai restaurants overseas and the government encourages Thai investors to ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, Thai produce sold in the UK tends to be more authentic than Indian or Chinese foods. It may be seen as a healthier compare to Chinese and Indian foods. This said, the popularity of the Thai sector is still developing and has not yet reached its peak” (Key Note, 2011) Thai cuisine has long been known for its high nutritional value and its harmonious blend of flavours. Several major Thai ingredients used in Thai cuisine are claimed to possess beneficial compounds for human health (CNN, 2001)
As per all these reports, it indicates that people are increasingly becoming interested in the light, fresh and fragrant flavours of Thai Cooking. The demand of Thai cuisine in UK is gradually increase as people become more concerned with nutrition and authenticity in food. The market share of Thai cuisine is growing as dominant markets (Chinese and Indian) are getting less popular. Therefore, this is an opportunity to gain a maximum profit from investing in Thai cuisine.

Business Description
The restaurant will be launched under the name “Thai Tae Cooking”. The word “Tae” in Thai means “Real, Purify and Authentic”.
The restaurant’s main feature is to provide an authentic Thai food. Every dish that comes out of Thai Tae’s kitchen will be made with original, strong and fresh Thai flavours. Chefs and ingredients will be sourced from Thailand to make sure that customers experience real Thai food that could not be found anywhere else but at Thai Tae Cooking restaurant only. The other feature of the restaurant will be a Thai cooking demonstration. Thai Tae will serve customer an authentic Thai culinary and cultural experience. Customers will learn about Thailand such as its customs, bits of the Thai language, interesting places in Thailand and even Thai recipes via computer touch screens. The computer touch screen that installed at the table will provide a truly unique culinary experience. The capacity of the restaurant will be 70 seats.

Mission Statement
Mission Statement – To serve Authentic Thai food as well as disseminate Thai culture.
Vision Statement – To be the first Thai restaurant to gain 5 stared from the Michelin guide; and to be the best authentic Thai restaurant in London.

Products and Services
Thai Tae Cooking restaurant will serve starters, soups, main course and traditional Thai desserts. Every dish is cooked with high nutrition ingredients such as lemon grass, lime leave and galangal which are good for health.
It will provide a wide range of drinks, alcoholic and non – alcoholic. For alcoholic drinks, the restaurant will serve Thai beer such as Singha beer and Chang Beer. It will also have an extensive wine list comprising both red and white. For non – alcoholic drink, the restaurant will serve a wide range of soft drinks. Thai Tae Cooking restaurant will also provide Thai special drinks such as young fresh coconut juice and Thai milk tea.
The restaurant will have Thai waiter service and Thai...

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