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Strategic Initiative Essay

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Strategic Initiative
FIN/370 Finance for Business

Strategic Initiative
Microsoft like many other organization have developed a very strong systemic approach in order to achieve success. This systemic approach incorporates strategic planning with financial planning so that goals associated with these types of planning can help to strengthen operations, control the net value of the organization to stay in line with meeting profit goals, setting priorities to meet expectations, and ensuring that employees from the CEO downwards including the stakeholders are all working towards to help the company meet both their long-term financial obligations as well as short-term financial obligations. ...view middle of the document...

A strategic planning initiative is a process by which any organization defines its direction in the market. For Microsoft, one of their strategic planning initiatives revolves around providing access to high quality education products worldwide. Specifically, Microsoft has nine areas of concentration for its strategic initiative: vision, policy, research, ICT infrastructure, software, curriculum, training, communities, and support.
The vision of Microsoft’s education strategy is to provide leadership on all applicable levels. Whether it is educational, governmental, etc.; Microsoft’s visionary goal is to involve all key stakeholders in the planning, creation, and delivery of educational aspects and policies.
The policy aspect of Microsoft’s education strategy is to be involved in the building of proper information and communication technology (ICT) policies within school systems. Microsoft recognizes that many schools across the world are without proper ICT policies prohibiting allocation of resources. Microsoft seeks to ensure each school has the willingness and ability to address their own needs in educational needs.
Microsoft’s strategic plan involves research. Microsoft must assess and evaluate the impact of ICT investments within the educational community and use the results to provide guidance on future implementation and planning processes.
The goal for the ICT Infrastructure in Microsoft’s plan is to provide access to reliable power, internet, and affordable computer software to ensure widest dissemination across the global education community.
Microsoft’s strategic plan would be ill conceived without software provisions. Software is needed to cross the bridge between ICT, teachers, and students; while equipping them with the tools they need in order to succeed in instruction and learning aspects.
Another large consideration of this strategic plan for education is making sure the curriculum meets the needs of corresponding educational facilities in various locations. Microsoft desires to provide the means necessary for proper implementation and delivery of numerous curriculums.
The seventh provision of Microsoft’s strategic education plan is training. The organization believes that without proper training and education of educators their plan could not succeed. Microsoft will provide training for all educators and personnel whom have a direct impact in both ICT and educational communities to ensure relevance and high quality.
Microsoft means to set provisions in place that will allow for dynamic learning communities so that educators can find and develop networking connections with one another across the globe in order to share best practices, learn ICT solutions. Microsoft states, “Dynamic learning communities can help drive transformative change by helping to bridge the divide between borders, cultures, and languages” (Micro).
The ninth and final provision of Microsoft’s strategic education plan is support. Microsoft...

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