Strategic Human Resource Management Essay

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Strategic Human Resource Management
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Strategic Human Resource Management is the process that entails having the right people at the right time in the right place at the right cost. It is also the process of responding and assessing the dynamic business environment and seeing the people of the organization as assets rather than cost or liability.
Concepts of SHRM:
Life cycle: The life cycle, for example, of a product can be defined into 4 main stages: Introduction, Growth, Maturity and Decline. The aspect of recruitment and Selection can be explained as follows:
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| Requires adequate mix of qualified workers. Management succession planning. Manage rapid internal labour market movement. | Encourage sufficient turnover to minimize layoffs and provide new openings. Encourage mobility as reorganizations shift jobs around. | Plan and implement workforce reductions and reallocations of duties and responsibilities. |
Compensation and Training | Meet or exceed labour market needs to attract market talent. | Meet external market but consider internal equity effects. Establish formal compensation structures. | Control Compensation | Tighter cost control. |
Employee Training and Development | Define future skill requirements and begin establishing career ladders. | Mould effective management team through management development and organizational development. | Maintain flexibility and skills of an ageing workforce. | Implement retaining and career consulting services. |
Labour/ Employee Relations | Set basic employee relations philosophy and organization. | Maintain labour peace, employee motivation and morale. | Control labour costs and maintain labour peace. Improve productivity. | Improve productivity and achieve flexibility in work rules. Negotiate job security and employee adjustment policies. |

Performance Management Systems:
These are defined as a system to ensure performance happens by design and not by chance. It is also known as a systematic process where an organization involves its employees in improving organizational effectiveness by focusing them on achieving the organization’s mission and strategic goals. Performance systems are used to communicate goals and objectives, to reinforce individual accountability for meeting those set goals and the tracking or evaluation process of individual and organizational results. The basis of these systems, include planning, coaching and reviews.

There are 3 main methodologies to support these systems:
* The Best Practice View: This view on the grounds that a single set or “bundle” of Human Resource policies will lead to better organizational performance, sustained over a long period of time, regardless of the prevailing business circumstances. Below is a set of 18 key practices that explain the best practice view:
i. Realistic Job Reviews
ii. Use of psychometric tests for selection
iii. Well developped induction training.
iv. Provision of extensive training from many sources.
v. Regular appraisals.
vi. Regular feedback on performance from many sources.
vii. Individual performance related pay.
viii. Profit- related bonuses.
ix. Flexible job descriptions.
x. Multi- skilling.
xi. Presence of work improvement teams.
xii. Presence of problem- solving groups.
xiii. Information provided on firm’s business plans.
xiv. Information provided on firm’s performance targets.
xv. No compulsory redundancies.
xvi. Avoidance of voluntary redundancies.

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