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Strategic Human Resource Essay

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Dear Mr. Malcom

On this report, I have been asked to use different and reliable sources and cover areas like graduate labor market. Also in this report, it will be explained and explored the theory Generation Y. With that contradiction will be raised, whether or not the theory is perfect and if companies do understand it or if the theory is perfect should they apply it in their companies. In the end, we will also argue in this report if Nationwide uses the right graduate scheme and we will compare them to other big organization. While talking about the graduate scheme that Nationwide implement in their company, you will be able to compare and use suggestions to produce ...view middle of the document...

7% or just over one in every four recent graduates, to around 35.9% or more than one in three recent graduates in the final quarter of 2011( (Statistics, 2012) ).
But in the period between 2001 and 2008, the employment of graduates was in at its peak. In 2008 was the year of big impact, because was the start of the recession, the consequences were noticeable for example, organization start to change their methods and polices, decide to hire less people, some were having problems financially.
However, Graduates in the labor Market state that during the first quarter of the recession, the employment rate for recent graduates was decreasing from 90.2 % to 88.5%, over the same period of time from 88.5% to 87.2% reaching the lowest at the at 86% in July to September 2009 (Statistics, 2012). During that time companies were found extremely hard to identify the correct talent, because there were two different types of new graduates looking for work. According to Graduate Market report 2012 (Market, 2012) , the all world being in recession specially England it has made far more difficult the process of hire new workers, leaving new graduates unemployed and even the best of the best talents struggling. According to The Graduate Recruitment Manual, in the last five years, employment rate has dropped and will continue to drop, in addition the number of graduate will not follow the same path in contrast will double up.
In conclusion, the graduate market is rising because nowadays there is a high percentage of a young adult attending university, but unfortunately for them the all world has falling into a recession making the organizations in general concentrating on cost and labor waste, which will cause a retention in acquiring more people. With that the numbers of graduate market increase, which in a way makes even more difficult for employers to select and chose the best talent out there, as a result unemployment in the graduate market increases causing drops on employment from 90.2% to 86.5%. Life it is similar to mathematics for any problem there is a solution, easy solution would be make a deal or propose to university a partnership, whereby the best talents would be link to the company so both sides would benefit from it. (Statistics, 2012)

Generation Y

On this part of the report, we will try to explain what the theory Generation Y is and how does it affect the company. According to the business dictionary there was a generation before known as generation X, but the generation Y refers generally to the demographic group born between 1975 and 1995. The group is perceived as needful on new media technology with short attention spans (Business Dictionary, 2012) .
Whereas the book Human Resources Management 7th edition, identify four groups, these groups were known as:
Veterans or Traditionalists (before 1940’s);
Baby Boomers (1940-1950’s);
Generation X (1960-1970’s);
Generation Y (1980-1890’s);

Those groups represented above...

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