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Strategic E Business Model Essay

2661 words - 11 pages

Assessment IV

Lecturer: Sulaiman Alqahtani

ID 32827 Thi Hong Thanh Tran
ID 31953 Valeria Spreafico
ID 32094 Suyesh Chhetri
ID 28698 Van Son Nguyen
ID 34290 Ngi Khai Lee


1. Executive summary 3
2. Business description 4
2.1. Mission 4
2.2. Objectives 4
2.3. The Company 4
2.4. Our values and commitments to the community 4
2.5. Keys to success 5
2.6. Company Ownership 5
3. Product 6
3.1. Product Description 6
3.2. Features and benefits of the products services 6
3.3. Technology 6
3.4. Future Product and Services 6
4. Market Analysis Summary 7
4.1. Market Analysis and ...view middle of the document...

Our jewellery can satisfy the need of a broad clientele and is a versatile product that can adapt to different kind of occasions: for casual grooming, a gift, a special event, etc.
The company has not physical headquarters and relies entirely on its website and the Internet to operate and sell its products. To promote the product, the company has decided to make use of digital marketing to maximise the market penetration.

2. Business description
3.1. Mission

Le Dita Magiche's mission is to make innovative pieces of art in jewellery created by our independent artists and deliver these creations to the world. We exist to produce exclusive and handcrafted art. No copies are made and every single item is unique. We want to make our customers feeling special and important and we adhere to this motto. Our services will exceed our customers’ expectations in order to guarantee their maximum satisfaction.

3.2. Objectives

The objectives for the first three years of operation include:
* To create a handcrafted jewellery company whose primary goal is to deliver unique pieces of art to wear;
* To develop a profitable/sustainable home-based company.
* The utilization of the Internet to sell worldwide.
* To scout other independent artists and double the sales each year.

3.3. The Company

Le Dita Magiche, located in Perth WA, is a jewellery company where the production is entirely by hand and created in a home-based environment. Le Dita Magiche has a wide range of jewellery offerings, from pendants, to necklaces, to earrings. At start up stage, Le Dita Magiche’s portfolio includes one artist who is also a co-founder of the company, Franca Garghentini. The company supports the artist, who concentrates on the artistic part of the business, and ensure the distribution of the creations as well as the customer service. Le Dita Magiche sells the pieces entirely through its website to maximise reachability and profit.

3.4. Our values and commitments to the community

Le Dita Magiche believes that there is more value in a product that is unique and made by the creativity of a human being. Therefore we want to be socially and environmentally friendly by helping local artists to reach and sell worldwide. No implementation of factories or physical retail shops are required as all products are made at home and sold through the website.

3.5. Keys to success

The company offers unique pieces of jewellery that can be delivered worldwide. There is no need for the customers to travel exotic places to find and purchase handcrafted products. They will arrive right to their doorsteps saving time and money.

3.6. Company Ownership

Le Dita Magiche is a limited proprietary company that trades as Le Dita Magiche Pty Ltd. Shares are divided as follows:
Franca Garghentini 50%
Valeria Spreafico 10%
Thi Hong Thanh Tran 10%
Suyesh Chhetri 10%
Van Son Nguyen 10%
Ngi Khai Lee 10%


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