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Strategic Choice And Evaluation Essay

941 words - 4 pages

* Strategic Choice and Evaluation Paper
* Tanya Gurule
* University of Phoenix
* STR 581
* Leon Baudot
* June 22, 2012

* Strategic Choice and Evaluation Paper
* Starting a new company could be a very challenging feat. Finding the right demographic, location, and product could become a very intense endeavor. A comprehensive detailed strategic plan will be needed to ensure a new company’s success. Modesty Apparel Company is no exception to this process.
* Mission, Vision, and Value Statement
* Modesty Apparel Company is a new store which will cater to the modest women in Denver Colorado, and ...view middle of the document...

The goal of the store is to keep an interesting and energetic atmosphere.
Where is Modesty Going and what’s the Plan?
Modesty is hoping to grow and become a corporation in the future. However, because the company is based on such a small demographic, growth will be a slow process. Internet sales however, will carry the store in slow economic times. After the company grows to a thriving business, Modesty will open more storefronts in New York and California. The reason these two cities are chosen to be the sister stores to the Denver storefront is because of the bible colleges based in these areas. Modesty hopes to be able to open these storefronts by 2014, but will be based on sales and profit within the years of 2012 to 2014.
Monitoring Objectives
The objective of the business is to grow to open many storefronts in critical cities. The question is how will Modesty monitor growth and decide when to grow or sustain. The key objectives will be a store which can support itself with sales, and paying expenses. The store must make enough profit to save 20% of sales toward purchasing a new building or storefront. Once $1,000,000 is saved a new storefront will be purchased. The objective will then be repeated until store fronts will be represented in every state.
Competitors and Market Place
Modesty is a one of a kind company. However the store will have competition with other competitors such as Ross, TJ Max, and Kato’s. The one driving force which will give Modesty an advantage is the line of skirts. The other stores do carry skirts, but Modesty will be focused on them. This will give modesty an advantage over the competitors. The pricing will also compare to those of the competition. Pricing integrity and being in the same range as other stores will help keep Modesty Competitive.
Ownership Structure...

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