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Systems to Involve Stakeholders in the Planning of Change
Posted on December 24, 2012 by John Dudovskiy
Organisational stakeholders of business need to be involved in planning strategic changes. The extent of involvement of each type of stakeholder in the planning of the change depends on a range of factors such as their influence, their importance, and the degree to which changes are going to affect them.  The extent of involvement of each type of stakeholder in the planning of the change is best explained by referring to the following graph.

Figure 1 Stages of stakeholder involvement in change
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As a general rule, Company is suggested to deal with its stakeholders on the basis of the following figure as it has been suggested by Murphy and Willmot (2010):

Source: Murphy and Willmot (2010).
According to the figure above, Business’s stakeholders with high power and high level of interest such as employees and shareholders need be closely managed in relation to change initiatives. High level of power and low level of interest stakeholders, such as customers, on the other hand, need to be kept satisfied by thecompany management.
Another stakeholder category that has low power but high level of interest, such as suppliers need to be kept informed about the progress of change initiatives through various communication channels. The type
of stakeholders that have low level of power and low interest in changes within Boots, such as general public need to be monitored with minimum efforts and resources.

Evaluation of Systems to Involve Stakeholders in Change Planning
The proposed system for Company to involve stakeholders in change planning (Figure 1) represents an efficient method for developing an effective change plan and contributes to its efficient implementation. The...

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