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Strategic Case: T Mobile Essay

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4 August 2011
Advanced Marketing 5000


Strategic Case: T-Mobile

1. What kind of brand image does T-Mobile want to build through its celebrity-packed promotion efforts? T-Mobile celebrity promotions

T-Mobile has used celebrity branding from the beginning of its marketing campaigns in order to develop brand recognition and target various markets. Catherine Zeta-Jones was the first global spokeswoman for T-Mobile International in 2002, bringing together the family of companies under the T-Mobile global brand name and marketing strategy - "Get More with T-Mobile (Catherine Zeta-Jones Signs with T-Mobile). T-Mobile leadership believed the Welsh actress personified " …hard ...view middle of the document...

However, most recently it seems that T-Mobile is struggling for brand identity. The old slogan, "Get More with T-Mobile" has gone by the way of Zeta-Jones. Various celebrities have been used such as Khloe Kardashian in T-Mobile's 2011 Valentine's day video appeal to the consumer market of generation Y also known as "iGen" (Generation Y). In a similar fashion, Carly Foulkes, a Canadian model "…is the gal working the Anne Hathaway meets Kim Basinger look?" (Tschorn) became the T-Mobile 4G girl in 2010 and is noted for her ads against AT&T similar to Apple's ads against MS-DOS (Carly Foulkes). These ads which seem to have "geek appeal” also seem to be forgetting the niche markets T-Mobile worked so hard to attract.
2. What celebrities should T-Mobile use in its advertisements? Why?

The unknown in this question is the impending buyout of T-Mobile by AT&T (Savov). Though T-Mobile continues its attacks on AT&T (and will continue to do so until the buyout is complete), the conjecture is; will T-Mobile spend more money going after niche markets as it has in the past? If the answer is yes, then as in the past it is conceivable that T-Mobile would again desire to gain market share of Hispanic, African American and women sectors of the market.
It is becoming a well known fact that the Hispanic sector is quickly becoming the fasted growing sector. "… according to the latest U.S. Census data “The trend for 2050 is that 125 million people in the U.S. will be of Hispanic origin…" (LaBanca). According to LaBanca, advertisers must appeal to the "younger and hipper" crowd and focus on relationship building to develop trust and image. Hispanics have a strong sense of community and they are social animals, says Leslie Pantin, president of Pantin/Beber Silverstein PR in Miami. “They want to build relationships with companies and brands before doing business with them.” (LaBanca).
In order to reach this market T-Mobile should align its marketing with young Hispanic icons such as Jessica Alba and boy band Aventura. Jessica Alba is known as an American beauty and ranked No. 1 on “99 Most Desirable Women” (Celebs). Aventura, the boy band from the Bronx is made up of young Latino men who are self-taught and determined (Aventura), "They have been credited by reviewers for being among the first to fuse bachata with R&B, introducing rap into their songs and otherwise making what was once just considered Dominican folk music into the hottest Latin music on the market and being the first Latin act to sell out Madison Square Garden four times over" (Features).
Use of these Hispanic icons as a strategic business unit to brand their products would allow T-Mobile to affect this subculture's buying habits and give the perception of reaching out to this community.
3. How would T-Mobile's choice of promotional partners, such as Juicy Couture and the NBA, attract or discourage customers from selecting T-Mobile's phone services?

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