Strategic Business Objectives Of An Information System

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Question 1: Write an essay outlining the strategic business objectives of an Information System (IS). Include a description of its management, organization and its technology components. Make use of diagrams where appropriate. |

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In this time constrained-essay the reader will be introduced to the topic through an exploration of how the business world has changed since the ...view middle of the document...

With the commercialisation and availability of the internet for corporations and the wider public, the digital revolution - sometimes also referred to as third industrial revolution - has begun in the 1980th. That period, continuing until today, is considered as the information era due to the increased and always fasted flow of information (Techopedia, 2015).
Since the year 2000,  the World Wide Web and mobile phones have become more and more popular not only in the Western world but also in developing countries.

Chart from (
Thus, today internet users constitute about 30 percent of the world inhabitants. And nearly three fourth of the people own a mobile phone. Electronic communication has become an essential element of life. Furthermore, the pressure to improve the interconnect ability between various technologies has favoured the development and exponential increase in the use of smartphones and tablet computers. In short, business today is unthinkable without technology and the internet. With very competitive markets and ever faster changing business environments, the capacity of a company to adapt to new technologies has become paramount in order to survive (Forbes 2014).
This illustrates that procedures may be facilitated through technology, but it also marks the importance for current students and future job seekers to have an understanding of those materials in order to compete in an increasingly more competitive job market. 
To understand further how organizations function nowadays, it is important to define Information Technology (IT) and Information System (IS).
IT comprises all the different software and hardware which companies require in order to realize their corporate goals. Today’s large companies incorporate many different computer programs and operating systems such as Linux, Windows and IOS. Also many different storage devices, software used for internal and external operations' purposes and technologies for better global communication are common ways of doing.
IS is a set of interconnected elements that gather (or reclaim), stock, practice, and supply information in order to assist the control and the decision making in a corporation. Additionally, IS might also aid employees and managers to invent new products, picture complex topics and analyse business issues, which will be explained later. Furthermore, Information Systems comprise information about things within the organization or the environment surrounding it, about significant people for the company and also places. 
With information is meant “data that have been shaped into a form that is meaningful and useful to human beings. Data, in contrast, are streams of raw facts representing events occurring in organizations or the physical environment before they have been organized an arranged into a form that people can understand and use” (Laudon, 2012, P. 47).
Today it is paramount for companies to...

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