Strategic And Tactical Use Of Icts In The Airlines Industry

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Examples of ICT applications that can be used in physical education

The following applications are considered below:
Mobile phone cameras
Motion analysis software
Film editing
Portable media players
Interactive whiteboards
Voice projections systems
Developing FUNctional skills through physical education
Games consoles
Nintendo Wii Fit
Dance mat systems
Pupil response systems
The use of iPods
The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
Video conferencing

There are a range of hardware applications that can be used with physical education departments. Video cameras can provide footage of experienced performers in action ...view middle of the document...

The camera is incredibly simple to use and it has a reasonable battery life. The Xacti can been used to capture footage of performances in physical education lessons.

Mobile camera phones
The use of mobile phones in schools is a contentious issue. Some schools may allow pupils to use their mobile phones within physical education lessons. For example, during an orienteering unit of work pupils can take photographs with their phones of the items they were trying to find and use the picture as evidence of completion of the course. Pupils can also set up their own orienteering courses, using their pictures taken with their phones and transferred to the computers within the lesson. Other groups can then have the opportunity to attempt various different courses which could be an excellent way to integrate ICT and literacy into physical education. This could especially work well if there is minimal ICT equipment within the department.

Motion analysis software
The use of motion analysis software within physical education is becoming a more mainstream means of evaluating pupil performance and enhancing learning. There are many software packages available. Software such as ‘dartfish’ can provide pupils with visual images of their performances that can be slowed down but also enlarged. This allows teachers, using a digital camera, to split the screen into progressive frames and is therefore useful for highlighting techniques in some of the athletic field events or trampolining routines. Freeze-framing and overlay facilities are also a useful application. The footage can be saved and stored for moderation purposes. Whilst there are certain advantages in using this type of software there are also some disadvantages. (

Film editing in PE
Video footage taken in one lesson can be edited and used at the beginning of the following lesson to highlight the achievements of pupils but also to identify common faults. This enables teachers and pupils to study individual and team performance across a range of activities. Teachers and pupils can compile footage taken from all the different lessons and use the footage to show other pupils in different classes what to expect using film-editing software. It is imperative, however, that you understand the issues involved in using moving and still images of pupils and that school policies and protocols are adhered to when using ICT to record pupil performance. This includes issues associated with parental permission; filming for a purpose, dress, angles, management of images and access and security of clips. Please refer to AfPE Safe Practice in Physical Education 2008 (Pages 61 – 63).

There are many film-editing software packages that teachers can use to support and enhance teaching and learning in physical education. One package is the film-editing software package iMovie which allows users to edit their own video footage. iMovie imports video footage using a FireWire interface on most MiniDV...

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