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Strategic And Financial Planning Essay

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Strategic and Financial Planning

University of Phoenix

FIN / 370

September 9, 2009

Strategic and Financial Planning

Every organization should have both a strategic plan and a financial plan. Although these two seem have two different purposes, they are both needed in order for the company to survive. Strategic planning is the process of determining a company’s long-term goals and then identifying the best approach for achieving those goals (Investor Words, 2009). Financial planning is the long-term process of wisely managing finances so you can achieve the goals while at the same time negotiating the financial barriers that inevitably arise in every stage of the company’s ...view middle of the document...

At Quizno’s, the employees treat every customer with respect and the customer seems to always come back. Another part of the strategic plan is to provide great service and offer deals to fit almost any wallet. Quizno’s strategic plan also provides excellent service through dignified workers. To ensure that the customers are satisfied Quizno’s keep stock of inventory so that they never have to say that they do not have products that are in demand. The reason this is important is because store managers frequently hear customers say that other stores are out of products so to stay above we keep stock available to our customers, which keeps them coming back.

We at Quizno’s sometimes fall short because of our product cost and sometimes because of labor issues. This is an issue if there are sometimes products that go to waste if there is too much ordered. In addition, when there is a slow day in productivity and there are too many workers. Too make the problem more manageable we implemented a plan to have workers only scheduled doing peak hours of the lunch and dinner hours. There will always be product waste but to minimize the cost we have started to order more sell items and less non sell items that may go bad as fast.

Quizno’s future plans include: keeping their stores clean and their customers happy on a continual basis. With this plan in effect people will continue to visit their store. Employees will always have an open door policy so that the problems can stay at a minimum. Hot and fresh products will continue to be served in a timely manner with a smile on their face.

Family Focus Lawndale Strategic Planning

The mission of Family Focus Inc. (FFI) is to promote the well-being of children, from birth, by supporting and strengthening their families in and with their communities. This statement of purpose is an enormously complex challenge that remains the guiding force behind every decision made. Family Focus Lawndale is a community based organization that has a shared commitment to provide support to children and families has shaped and continues to affect the means and manner in which we perform our daily duties and responsibilities. Family Focus policies are a program of action or a course of actions adopted by a group of people or an organization to carry out the principles on which the organization is based.

Family Focus in formulating policies, we are seeking to provide general guidance for the orderly and consistent conduct of activities necessary to implement Family Focus Inc. goals and objectives, these are written description of how we should be acting to accomplish our mission. Procedures are the description of established methods or the correct implementations of the policies. As Family Focus re continually evolving as an organization, we are always open to new suggestions in terms of policies or procedures. Please feel free to present these suggestions to the center Director,...

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