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Strand: The Nature Of Science Essay

730 words - 3 pages

8th Grade

WEEK OF: Strand: The Nature of Science Chapter: 14 Block Scheduling: 6
Benchmarks—SC.F.2.3.1 (CS, MC): The student knows the patterns and advantages of sexual and asexual reproduction in plants and animals; SC.H.2.3.1 (CS, MC): The student recognizes that patterns exist within and across systems. Also covers: SC.F.1.3.1 (AA, MC, SR), SC.F.1.3.3 (CS, MC), SC.F.2.3.2 (AA, MC, SR)

Days: M,T,W,TH,FR Section 1Introduction to Plant Reproduction
1. Distinguish between the two types of plant reproduction.
2. Describe the two stages in a plant’s life cycle.

Review Vocabulary:: ...view middle of the document...

4. Explain why spores are important to seedless plants.
5. Identify some special structures used by ferns for reproduction
Review Vocabulary:: photosynsthesis
Review New Vocabulary:: frond, rhizome, sori, prothallus
ï‚¡___ Section Focus Transparency 2, p. 67, TCR; Transparency Activity, p. 43, CRB, (ELL)
____ Reading Preview, p. 413, TWE
____ Interactive Chalkboard, Ch. 14, Sec. 2, TCH
1 __ LAB: Comparing Seedless Plants, p. 412 Journal/Essay
Class work
Quiz/ Test
H. Learning
Oral Resp Demonstration
Hands on
__ LAB: Comparing Seedless Plants, p. 412 Pen/ Pencil
Instructional Strategies: Reciprocal teaching Reac-say something- Two Column notes – Raft- Pattern puzzles – Contrast/Compare KWL:
Sequence Mapping Think- pair share- Venn – Diagram - Problem Solution notes- Vocabulary Map – wors elaboration – One Sentence Summary

Days: M,T,W,TH,FR. Section 3 Seed Reproduction

Benchmarks—SC.H.2.3.1 (CS, MC): The student recognizes that patterns exist within and across systems. Also covers: SC.F.1.3.1 (AA, MC, SR), SC.F.1.3.3 (CS, MC), SC.F.2.3.2 (AA, MC, SR), SC.G.1.3.2 (CS, MC), SC.H.1.3.5 (AA, MC, GR, SR, ER), SC.H.1.3.6 (Not Assessed),...

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