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Story About Refrigerators Essay

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A brief story about Refrigerators

One night you opened the door to the refrigerator extremely carefully, making sure it didn't squeak. You thought it probably wouldn't squeak, so you swung it open, making a loud high pitched noise escape from the hinges. You tensed up a bit, waiting for someone to kick in the doors and scold you. When nothing happened, you quickly started grabbing food. When your arms ran out of space, you start shoving some into your mouth. Then you wonder how easy it is to have all your favorite food in front you.
The concept of refrigeration is not a new one. Refrigeration by means of natural ice has been employed for thousands of years. Ice cellars were used in China as early as 1000 b. c. (Grolier 331-334). In warm seasons the ice was shipped to markets in the south. Not only did people quarry the ice, but they also had to deliver it homes to put inside an ice box, thus resulting in the ...view middle of the document...

When food is bought and prepared one ingredient at a time, it is far more clear to the consumer where their food is coming but better knowing where its stored in their homes. Having a greater awareness of where food that make up a meal leads to a greater appreciation for what one eats. Obviously, the refrigerator is not solely responsible for the move toward the devaluation of farmers and lack of appreciation of food, however, it was a crucial step in the process. Today, processed foods are a part of many peoples' diets, Americans in particular. When dealing with this type of food, many people do not even know the full contents of their meal, let alone do they feel connected to the people who helped create it.
Unfortunately, health problems also arrive with refrigerators. Food that is not kept at an exact temperature can spoil and harbor bacteria. This may lead to food poisoning which is not only uncomfortable, but highly threatening to young children and elders with weaker immune systems. This can be controlled by keeping a regular check on perishable foods and the temperature of the fridge. CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbon’s) are also sometimes used refrigerators as a cooling factor. This causes an environmental problem as CFC’s have been known to help contribute to global warming. The ethical situation is to weigh the pros and cons of the device, for the downsides are just as important to consider.
When refrigerators were first introduces the utilized ammonia and Freon, among other toxins. Today, almost all leading companies now make life a bit easier for almost everyone and allows less time consumption, companies now provide a model fee chloroform, carbon, and Freon. Also every refrigerator are now sold with a tag that display its energy efficiency.

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