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Store Bought Dog Food Essay

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Which Is the Better Dog Food?
The commercial dog food industry has been in existence for almost one hundred and fifty years. It affords a convenience to pet owners where by they only need to scoop out dry kibble in a bowl or open a can of pet food, without any additional food or supplement, pet owners do not know what ingredients are being used in the food. Many have relied on the dog food industry to use quality products in manufacturing their food. However, to their surprise, in some cases at the demise of pets this has not been the case.
In light of all the pet food recalls since 1995 and more recently in March 2007, where Menu Foods recalled more 100 brands including ...view middle of the document...

The cost of feeding a pet a homemade diet is determined by where you buy your food. Some pet owners that are opting for the total holistic diet approach and buying meat that was is free range and vegetable and fruits that has no pesticides. Other costs that are taken into account are pets that are less sick thus reducing vet bills.
Large multinational firms that have businesses in the human food and agriculture industries own the pet food industry. The pet food industry provides a way for these multinational companies to use animals and grains that are not fit for human consumption to be turned into a profit.
The manufacturing of dry kibble consists with assembling raw materials such as grains, rice, intestines, udders, heads and diseased and cancerous animal parts. The raw materials are ground to the consistency of course flour. A blender is then used to mix the ground flour with liquid that consist of meat products, fat, water and steam. After mixing the flour with the liquid, the mix is moved to the extruder[1] where it is cut to the desired size by a knife and is cooked. Once the kibble is cooled it is sprayed with fat, flavor enhancers, vitamins and minerals to improve the taste and palatability. In the absence of these flavor enhancers no dog in its right mind would eat dry kibble unless it was extremely hunger.
Dry kibble has four times as many calories as canned foods and its ingredients consist mostly of soybean, corn or rice. In some of the premium brands meat or fish meal is an ingredient. When looking at the ingredients on the label meat should be listed as the first two ingredients and by law the heaviest and the largest amount of whatever contained in the food has to be listed first. If the first four ingredients are grains you may want to consider another brand. Chemical preservations such as BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin or gallate are other ingredients to avoid.
Dry kibbles make up the bulk of food sales in the United States. Because of its high caloric value it is more economical to feed your pet. However, since it is being made with cancerous rendered meat pets, veterinarians are treating more pets for cancer thus vet bill could range in the thousands of dollars.
The process of canning food was developed in 1809 and was to be used to feed the French Army. Food is sealed in cans then heat sterilized. This process continues to be one of the most common and affordable ways of preserving food products for both people...

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