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Stop And Frisk In New York City

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Brown, Melody R.

EN 111 – 014


APRIL 1, 2013

The Effects of Exercise

Exercising effects the body by physical, mental/emotional, and social/personal effects of exercise. There is a holistic approach to exercise and if an individual is not healthy in all three aspects, that is, physically, mentally, and socially, he or she is not completely healthy. Exercising does not require a membership, instead, it is an activity that is done during the individual’s idle time and is implemented into people’s lives to improve every aspect of healthy living.
The major effect of exercise is overall improvement on one’s physical health. The physical effect of exercise allows the continuous movement of the human body and continuous functioning of the body’s systems. The muscles, bones, and joints movement; muscle tone; heart and lung strength, and blood and oxygen ...view middle of the document...

The physical and mental effects of exercise coincide. For example, being stress-free can lower and stabilize his or her blood pressure, thus reducing the chance of having a heart attack or stroke. When they look and feel good physically, they feel good emotionally. Physical strength builds confidence. Exercise can also be used as a means of ridding stress because it relaxes the individual and distracts him or her from life’s daily issues. For example, when they are exercising, you are focused on the workout and may even be listening to music. Therefore, the mind is clear of everything else, and you are calm and relaxed, both during and after the workout. Feeling healthy mentally or emotionally creates positive thoughts and with positive thoughts, they look forward to a healthy future, even in your social and personal life.
The third effect of exercise is the improvement of one’s social health and/or personal life. The physical and mental effects of exercise also coincide with the social/personal effects of exercise. For example, when they look good physically and feel good emotionally, they feel more confident to go out in the world to socialize. You want to meet new people, embark upon new adventures, and increase intimacy in your personal life. Joining a gym is one way to increase physical activity and meet new people. With good health and confidence, you may even want to join a social club, go dancing, change jobs or whether it is for companionship or friendship.
This within itself will promote security in future human relationships.
To conclude, they can be thin, flawless skin, in a long-term relationship, and financially wealthy, but if they do not exercise, these material things will fade. For longevity and good health they must exercise because the effects are rewarding for one’s future health. Those effects include physical, mental, and social improvement. They are not completely healthy without all three. You can spend hundreds of dollars on surgery to improve physical appearance, have thousands of dollars in the bank, but the effects of complete health are priceless.

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