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Stock Market News Essay

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1) U.S government on Tuesday outlined a rule sharply limiting bank’s ability to make bets with their own capital.
2) After being all but shut out of the short term debt market crisis, some company are edging back in.
3) Capitals that Europe increase the debt pressure of Germany and France, Dexia’s collapse shows that some measures of financial strength could paint and misleading pictures of how much additional firepower is needed.

Oct.13.1) The people’s bankinvestors of China which tightly controls the Yuan’s trading on the mainland ,early Wednesday guided the Yuan lower against the U.S , it is seemed as the fire back of U.S senate approve to drop Yuan’s value in ...view middle of the document...

2) on Friday, standard & poor’s rating service cut BNP Paribas SA’s long term debt rating by on notch, cutting the exposure of France’s largest bank by market value of Greece and other European countries and more difficult fun ding market conditions.

3) Stock jumped, sending stock index to their highest closed since early August and pushing both Dow and the Nasdaq composite back into positive territory for the year.

1) Since October, stocks, commodities, the euro and other assets that benefit in good times have staged a blistering rally, reversing some of the third quarter’s punishing losses.
2) Underdogs in the credit-rating business are stepping up their challenge to the industry’s three giants. During the financial crisis the three giants had triple-A-ratings on complex mortgage-backed securities that ultimately imploded, and they are now facing tighter regulatory scrutiny
3) Gold man Sachs Group and Morgan Stanley this week report what are expected to be downbeat third quarter report, for Morgan and Goldman the turmoil may lead to an existential crisis.

1) Citigroup Inc. notched a strong third-quarter earnings gain as it loudly proclaimed the improving credit-worthiness of the global consumer.
2) After two-week sprint that saw the Dow Jones industrial average jump 12% and return to positive territory for the year investors got a dose of reality. The Dow jones industrial average lost 2.1% Citi group and Wall Fargo, failed to impress investors with their quarterly earnings and so does some other big corporations.
3) The Dow jones and standard & Poor’s commodity index have said that in recent days that they plan to decrease the weighting of WTI and increase the weight or ,in DJ-UBS’s case, introduce-the weight of Brent. This indexes guide mutual fund, exchange-traded funds and other investment.
1) . A volatile session ends with stocks up. Shares rose sharply but failed to recapture steep losses in the previous session, as conflicting reports on Europe’s debt crisis whipped the market around during the final trading hour.
2) California and Pennsylvania offered a combined $25 billion of tax exempt bonds amid a strengthening municipal market this week , after a...

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