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Still Standing By Michael Pintard Essay

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Question 2
Michael Pintard’s book, ‘Still Standing’, is a collection of poems that focuses on issues such as social inequality, injustice and poverty. In addressing these issues the poet uses various literary devices to arouse deep emotions in me. Two poems from his collection, "Still Standing" and "Beyond the Rage" touched me deeply as they addressed issues such as betrayal, deceit, poverty and inequality.
The poem ‘Still Standing’ covers the themes of betrayal and deception. Michael Pintard shares his experiences of how he was deceived by the ones who were close to him. In the first stanza, Pintard uses a metaphor to bring out the theme of betrayal and show the readers ...view middle of the document...

The poet uses these descriptions to sensitize his audience to the effects of gossiping. It describes in depth, the extent of the emotional pain he experienced. No one understood the trouble and the pain the poet experienced. His use of imagery helped me to visualize his condition and see that deceit has a very powerful effect on a person’s mind and body. Despite the sadness I felt for him, this description encouraged me to be more cautious in choosing my friends, so that I would not suffer like the poet. This made me very sympathetic toward the poet.
The poets’ use of repetition shows his unrelenting desire to remain focused and steadfast despite the whispers and snares that were set for him. Every stanza in the poem ends with the words ‘I am still standing’. This shows his determination to survive despite the negative situations he experiences. He tries very hard not to let anyone, even their hurtful words, keep him down. These lines evoked a strong sense of hope in me and taught me that I should not let people’s words or actions get the best of me. I have learned that I must be determined to succeed in life in order to prove my enemies wrong. This encouraged me to do the same as the poet and strive to endure in the face of adversity.
The poem ‘Beyond the Rage’ focuses on the themes of poverty, inequality and injustice. Pintard uses juxtaposition, to relay the ungrateful nature of a wealthy and irresponsible society.
“Beyond the rage
Is an empty baby bottle
In Watts,
A bare bruised foot
In Compton,
Brand new shoes
Thrown away
In the Valley
A gallon of milk
For the fourth straight week
In the Hills,
Beverly that is.
Most people who understand the struggle to acquire basic necessities wouldn't throw them away or take them for granted. However, it does not seem so bizarre to those who can afford the luxury of being wasteful like the wealthy. It makes me angry to see such reckless waste when I know of people who are suffering because they don't have the things that the wealthy so carelessly throw away. This shows how blind wealth can make a person and how dissatisfied people are once they become wealthy. These people are not aware of the lower class society that cannot afford the things that they wastefully discard. They do not realize that there are people who struggle to buy milk or keep shoes on their feet. They are not aware that there are less fortunate people who cannot even afford a house. This disgusts me because the wealthy have so many privileges but do not appreciate them when there is some less fortunate person who would do anything to have what the...

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