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Still Alice Essay

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“Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a slowly progressive disease of the brain that is characterized by impairment of memory and eventually by disturbances in reasoning, planning, language, and perception.” (Howard Crystal) In Health 1000 we were asked to read the book Still Alice. I have never dealt with or have done any study on Alzheimer’s disease before reading this book. After finishing this book it has really opened my eyes to how bad of a disease and how it cripples the mind. I never imagined the effect of this disease on a patient and the patient family. This book is about a upper middle aged lady named Alice who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and how she and her family learn how to ...view middle of the document...

Toward the end of the book he decides to take a job in New York. He doesn’t do this to be selfish but he knew that’s what she would want for him. John holds on to hope the whole book until he reads how the Amylix wasn’t able to stabilize the Alzheimer patients. John starts to cry after finding out, because this is basically the final straw. It was his last ditch effort and in knowing it failed it symbolized that he failed and that Alice was doomed. This forced him to admit to himself that the women loved and cared so much for was no longer there and will never be there again.
Alice ended up telling her colleagues about her diagnosis much later than when she told John. She only told them when she realized how much her teaching has slipped up and knowing it was only going to get worse with time. Alice would forget a whole lecture even though she just spent hours reviewing and studying her notes before class. One time she even went into her classroom and sat down for a few minutes just to get up and walk out of her classroom without teaching one thing. Alice ends up sending a formal letter to all her colleagues letting them know that she has Alzheimer and is going to be stepping down. Most of them stop by her office and offer their condolences after receiving her letter. After finding out her colleagues pretty much avoided Alice but if they did run across her they were polite, but quick to excuse themselves from her presence. This was hurtful for Alice because she once considered everybody in her department almost like a second family.
I feel the one most effected my Alice diagnosis of the children was Lydia. Lydia and Alice always have had a rough relationship for the most part. Alice believes that Lydia should be going to college and getting an education instead of running around L.A. taking acting classes. Every time they talked or visited each other it always ended up in some heated argument. Of the three children Lydia and Alice relationship improved after finding out about everything. Lydia even came home for a summer to help out with her mother. During that summer Lydia and Alice becomes closer and they are able to hold conversations that didn’t end up in a fight. Alice evens picks up reading plays and scripts. So she finds some common ground with her daughter that leads to them become closer and helping in settling somewhat the lifelong dispute of acting and college. Alice even begins to want to see Lydia act in a play but is unable to attend one for a while due to that fact that she can’s travel alone and John was really busy. One...

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