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Steve Jobs Biography Essay

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Walter Issacson is a well known writer and a biographer and is known for his biographies on Henry Kissinger, Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein. Issacson was requested by Steve Jobs in 2004 to write his biography when he was diagnosed of pancreatic cancer. Issacson conducted about 40 interviews with Steve Jobs and above 100 with family, friends, colleagues, competitors and even with people who had ill experiences with Jobs. He was given exclusive and unprecedented access by Jobs to write the biography. This book is about a person; who was a great thinker, innovator and a genius entrepreneur who touched and changed the world of technology, music & animation industry, and computers & mobile ...view middle of the document...

He abused drugs like LSD and marijuana and was on weird food diets. At this time, Steve Wozniak, a computer technician who was older to Jobs by 5 years became fast friends with him over their shared interests in computers, electronics, pranks and music. Both Steves were ardent fans of Bob Dylan. Their first project was building a blue box for free internet calling and they sold a few of them. Jobs dated Chrisann Brennan with whom he has a daughter named Lisa. He was in an on and off relationship with her for 5 years. He also did not support her during her pregnancy. He formed a relationship with his daughter later and provided financial support for both mother and daughter. He disclosed in one of his interviews that he was ashamed of his not being there for Lisa because he was not yet ready to be a father. Chrisann quoted Jobs in her interview as, “He was an enlightened being who was cruel.”

Jobs attended Reed College, an arts school in Portland, Oregon. He met Robert Friedland at Reed, who amused him. Steve adopted some of his charismatic traits, spiritualism, and interest in eastern culture con man craft ship, strong will and mercurial behavior. Jobs treated him like a guru for a while and later realized he was a charlatan and disposed of his friendship. Jobs officially dropped out of Reed after a year finding its attendance system etc not very interesting.

He went back to Silicon Valley and got a job at Atari’s main office by constantly persuading Nolan Bushnell, Atari’s founder. Jobs took a break for a while at Atari and went to visit India to pursue his interest in Hinduism and eastern spirituality. He had found a few gurus, had spent time with them, learnt deeply about Indian culture and sought simplicity and deprivation but could not find his spiritual calm. Then he returned back to States. At Atari, he had challenging job to design a one-player version of pong game with lesser number of chips. If he could do so, he was offered a bonus. So, Jobs went to Wozniak for designing the software and offered him to split the pay. Wozniak finished it in four days and this was the beginning of Apple.

After attending a demonstration on microprocessor, Wozniak got the idea of a personal computer and Jobs devised a plan to make profit out of his idea and thus founded Apple Computers in the garage of Steve Jobs parent’s home at Palo Alto. Apple I was made with $1300 as the start-up capital, it was a basic PC and they did make profit on it by selling their personal computers to computer dealers. Mike Murkula, a multi-millionaire invested in Apple Computers and Apple II which had an aesthetic appeal to it was produced and it was an instant hit. Mike hired Mike Scott as the president of the company and Jobs was the chairman of the company. Scott and Jobs would often fight often over the management of projects, funds etc. Apple III and Lisa the super computer were some of the projects. Jobs saw that Xerox had been leading the race with...

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