Steriods In Sports Essay

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George Louis-Jean
James Flemings
English Comp I
4/26 /13

Steroids in Sports

Should athletes be allowed to use performance-enhancing drugs in order to improve their
performance? Steroid usage in sports has long been a real big issue for many athletes both
professional and amateur. Steroids are not allowed in any sport however; some athletes do take
the chance by using performance-enhancing drugs in order to increase the chances of a
successful outcome in a competition. Many athletes have been banned from participating in
certain sports because they were convicted of taking steroids. In light of this, ...view middle of the document...

Consequently, in the following few decades, German athletes dominated most world sporting
events across the world and took away the maximum number of medals and awards. Other
documented records in this regard reveal that Thomas Hicks had ingested brandy with
strychnine and cocaine when he won the marathon in the 1904 Olympics. A few decades later
American athletes were found to be using nitroglycerine in order to expand their heart valves.
Later, athletes started using Benzedrine, which is an amphetamine (Daniels, 2003).

Even though, there are no compound that was found to be as effective and powerful as anabolic
steroids, which were invented by Dr. Ziegler. Any athlete looking for extra advantages could
make use of anabolic steroids in order to perform better. By ingesting anabolic steroids athletes,
football players, weight lifters and body builders could train harder and for longer periods with
much better results. Steroids have the ability to enhance protein synthesis and allow new
muscles to develop much faster as compared to other conventional methods. The enhanced
muscle power and strength of sports participants allowed them to perform better and get a higher
pay rate. Because of this, the race for steroids intensified and athletes across
the world wanted to know of the sources from where to get such substances. Several nations
entered the race to develop these substances and to develop procedures for using them. In 1968,
Louis-Jean # 3

the World Health Organization made official complaints about the excessive production of
steroids and their use. Pharmaceutical firms had started offering kickbacks to doctors for
prescribing anabolic steroids. The practice was largely adopted in countries such as Jamaica and
Kenya whose athletes started performing exceptionally in Olympic Games. (JAMA, 1988)

During the same period, professional games in the US had gained popularity and athletes
were able to support themselves on the basis of their performance in sports. The International
Olympics Council issued a ban on anabolic substances and provisions were made for penalizing
athletes for breaking the ban. In 1972, Rick de Mont, an American swimmer was caught using
ephedrine, which was an approved medicine for treating asthma. Arnold Schwarzenegger was
able to win the Mr. Olympic title by allegedly taking steroids. Barry Bonds who set a single
season of 73 home runs, also was indicted on a few charges of lying about steroids use. The
use of steroids in Olympic Games continued for some decades and the International Olympic
Committee was virtually ineffective in imposing its ban on steroids. Athletes had also found
novel ways to avoid detection and were caught only when disclosure was made about them by
team mates or others. Anabolic steroids had become a common feature by the 1990s and
sporting professionals as well as school level sports participants had started...

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