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Stereotypes Against Minorities Through Film Essay

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Stereotypes against minorities through film
Stereotyping against minorities had been an issue since the 20th century and since then the minorities had been protesting against the discrimination and inequality in entertainment industries. This includes the discrimination in vote, ownership, basic human rights and social rights which led to the stride of the minorities to protest for the equal rights living in a country. For example in America, the black Americans were hunted and lynched by the white Americans and it was celebrated as a sport. So in mid of 20th century, although the black Americans got their freedom, they still faced the color racism by the majority of ...view middle of the document...

It still uses talented Negro players to fit into the stereotypes of the loving Mammy and comic servant..."
The whole entertainment industry was owned by the white majority of Americans and they publicly discriminated against the minorities living in America. Paramount pictures, NBC, ABC, Universal studios and many other top production houses have practices these stereotyping during the 1940’s and 50’s, which led to the outburst by many black Americans and human activist around the world. Stereotyping of the black people like portrayal of their negative attributes like lazy, stupid, submissive, illiterate, rampant and irresponsible in the American society. Like the author explained, they were given the negative roles or the roles where the people can laugh to. There were very few black actors, entertainers or media representative present in the mid of 20th century which displayed the segregation of the minorities from entertainment industries. The stereotyping against minorities was not only remained in the film industry but it was also displayed in the other propaganda or media sources like news, television, sitcoms and theatres. However this blame cannot be simply put on the white supremacy and dogma of the American film industry, there were some black stereotypes present at that time who only made the complete “black” film (which has colored actors, crew members, director, producer and the rest of the cast). Their justification was to counter the absolute white supremacy in Hollywood but the stereotyping through film remained, although there were very few of those complete black movies.
Literature Review:
According to the 2011 census, the entertainment industry consists of four racial or ethnic minorities which majorly consist of Latinos around 14.5 percent; African America consists of 13.3 percent, Asian up to 5.6 percent and Native Americans around 1.6 percent. The total population of minorities makes up to 35 percent and rest of 65 percent living in America are white. So this white supremacy is the major reason for the negative propaganda against the minorities and stereotyping on the basis of their ethnic culture. American entertainment industry has segregated the minorities from the media, film, television and even from the theatre. The role of a minority was given to a white man for example a white man has to color his face as black to act the role of an African black man. So segregation at this level when a minority cannot have the acting role of a minority was the worst form of stereotyping in American Cinema (ZHANG).
American cinema was once considered to be the most stereotyping cinemas in the world but there are some other stereotyping cinemas, especially in Asia. The main target cinema in Asia continent is Singapore cinema because of segregation on the basis of nationality. According to a survey in the cinema, they investigated the stereotyping views of the media representatives and the production house. The hatred of...

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