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Stella Artois Essay

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This paper explores the communication benefits of building a “brand narrative’ and it will also talk about the best way to improve dialogue with the target audience of Stella Artois. I will also be writing about appreciating how marketing communications can help create meaning for consumers. At the end of the article, I will be talking about Jack Daniels and how its traditions and brewers’ art has been continued for over 100 years now.

tella Artois: Reassuringly expensive wife beater
The communication benefits of building a ‘brand narrative’ in the way Stella Artois has is now more consumers are involved and the brand’s “story “ is reinforced in all brand encounters. Building a brand narrative can evoke positive perceptions, differentiate and gain competitive advantage, enable faster introduction of new products, reinforce brand awareness and improve overall company and brand image and ...view middle of the document...

I do think that this is the best way to improve dialogue with the target audience because it can help consumers make purchase decisions. With the way marketing is being used this days, customers can be heard and share their opinions. Customers have more control of when and how to be part of a company. The use of online advertisement and social media was effective in bringing in more consumers of all ages all over the world and can create lasting relationship. This type of engagement process provides value to both the consumer and the company. In exchange for sharing opinions, buying patterns, product preferences, etc., consumers receive perks such as discounts, tips, and free trials as well as appropriate and valuable messaging from the company. By improving dialogue with the target audience, the company increases its brand loyalty, referrals, cross sales, and repeat business.

Jack Daniels used only the iron-free cave spring water on his property and the finest grains, mellowed his whiskey by filtering it through 10 feet of sugar maple charcoal, and changed the charcoal out more often to produce a more consistent and better whiskey. He had liked to say, "Every day we make it, we'll make it the best we can." When he left the company to his nephew Liam, Liam tried to install the same heritage that his uncle had. When the company was sold, it was sold to keep the heritage and quality. After reading about Jack Daniel I can honestly say that the ‘rock ‘n roll’ image is irrelevant to what Jack Daniel truly stands for. Rock N Roll stands for madness and people that are truly drunk and out of control. The brands heritage does not condone that at all. Rock and Roll is affiliated with Jack Daniel because Rock and Roll artists drink it often.

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