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Statutory Rape Essay

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The class picks this vignette for our quantitative paper. It is a very touchy subject. Lots of people do not consider sex between and fifteen years old and twenty-one is statutory rape. It has only been a few empirical studies have examined factors that influence whether young adults perceive statutory relationship as a crime. Two studies specifically examining perceptions of non forced adolescent-adult sexual relationship demonstrate that greater age gaps between partners lead to more negative perceptions of the older partners (Oudekerk,2013). Young adults might consider it as love not statutory rape. The article said under the age twenty-five comprise the majority of statutory rape ...view middle of the document...

There were no significant interactions between respondent gender and partner age gap on any case judgments, all Fs<0.96, meaning that the main effects of partner age gaps on case judgments were not significantly different for women versus men(Farr,2013). In the different article I had read it is different opinion and research done on this subject. I will be look at the effect it had on teenage and the different law. Many policy maker view the enforcement of statutory rape laws as a way to reduce teenage childbirths. The statutory rape law is negatively correlated with no marital birthrates for white females but is not significant predict the enforcement of statutory rape laws has a deterrent effect on teen childbearing for Blacks and Hispanics (Christopher, 2006). This data come from current Population Survey (CPS). For the study they used unmarried young women aged 15-18 with non missing data on fertility. Because statutory rape laws target pregnancy rather than childbirth, the best model would consider teenage unfortunately, individual level data on teenage pregnancies are limited and often unreliable. The data set contains over 14,000 women. Nearly 75% of women in the overall...

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