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Statistics Paper

449 words - 2 pages

statistical method that will solve a business or management problem.Term Paper Guideline
STAT 500, Summer, 2011

Due Date: September 18, 2011
Length: Less than 1500 words
Format: Cleanly typed

Students are required to write an article describing a statistical method that will solve a business or management problem; or an creative approach that mainly rely on statistical methods that would advance the current practice. The statistical method involved may or may not relate to statistical concepts or methods covered in the course. Students are encouraged to conduct their own literature research. Information collected from books, magazines or newspapers are acceptable, including any of those found in UNVA’s eLibrary. Students could invent their ...view middle of the document...

Students are encouraged to explore others and consult with the faculty before start writing if necessary.
The quality of the term paper will be graded based on the degree the following requirements are met
1. Completeness in description of the case, which includes the background information, the business challenge, the statistical solution, and the difference the statistical solution makes from not using the statistical approach.
2. Level of detail of the statistical solution, which should include explanations and descriptions of the steps of the statistical procedure, for example, how a sampling method in quality control process select samples, what kind of analysis would be applied to the data and what conclusion would be made based of the findings.
3. The creativeness of the statistical solution. Some of the traditional statistical analysis that has been in place for years will weigh less as compared to the newer cutting-edge approaches to emerging problem more related to the information age in business.
4. Graphs or charts or other visual aids that will help the reader understand the statistical method used.
5. General practices for good technical writings, such as essay structure, paragraph development, rhetoric and grammar etc.
6. Overall presentation impression, formats, structure, layouts etc.
7. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited

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