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Statistics Math 221 Lab Week 4

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Statistics – Lab Week 4


Statistical Concepts:
* Probability
* Binomial Probability Distribution

Calculating Binomial Probabilities

* Open a new MINITAB worksheet.

* We are interested in a binomial experiment with 10 trials. First, we will make the probability of a success ¼. Use MINITAB to calculate the probabilities for this distribution. In column C1 enter the word ‘success’ as the variable name (in the shaded cell above row 1. Now in that same column, enter the numbers zero through ten to represent all possibilities for the number of successes. These numbers will end up in rows 1 through 11 in that first column. In column ...view middle of the document...

Do this two more times and for graph 2 set Y equal to ‘one half’ and X to ‘success’, and for graph 3 set Y equal to ‘three fourths’ and X to ‘success’. Paste those three scatter plots below.


Calculating Descriptive Statistics

* Open the class survey results that were entered into the MINITAB worksheet.

2. Calculate descriptive statistics for the variable where students flipped a coin 10 times. Pull up Stat > Basic Statistics > Display Descriptive Statistics and set Variables: to the coin. The output will show up in your Session Window. Type the mean and the standard deviation here.

Mean: 4.6Standard deviation: 1.429 |

Short Answer Writing Assignment – Both the calculated binomial probabilities and the descriptive statistics from the class database will be used to answer the following questions.

3. List the probability value for each possibility in the binomial experiment that was calculated in MINITAB with the probability of a success being ½. (Complete sentence not necessary)

P(x=0) | 0.0009766 | | P(x=6) | 0.205078 |
P(x=1) | 0.0097656 | | P(x=7) | 0.117188 |
P(x=2) | 0.0439453 | | P(x=8) | 0.0439453 |
P(x=3) | 0.117188 | | P(x=9) | 0.0097656 |
P(x=4) | 0.205078 | | P(x=10) | 0.0009766 |
P(x=5) | 0.246094 | | | |

4. Give the probability for the following based on the MINITAB calculations with the probability of a success being ½. (Complete sentence not necessary)

P(x≥1) | 0.9990244 | | P(x<0) | 0 |
P(x>1) | 0.9892588 | | P(x≤4) | 0.3769535 |
P(4<x ≤7) | .56836 | | P(x<4 or x≥7) | 0.3437504 |

5. Calculate the mean and standard deviation (by hand) for the MINITAB created binomial distribution with the probability of a success being ½. Either show work or explain how your answer was calculated. Mean = np, Standard...

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