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Statistics Exercise 16 Essay

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Name: MaryAnn Dennis
Date: 04/20/14
Class: HLT -362-0191 Applied Statistics
Exercise 16 Mean and Deviation
1. The null hypothesis is for the study is: “There is no difference in the levels of empowerment, self-care self-efficacy, and depression of patients with ESRD who attend an empowerment program versus those who do not.”

2. What was the average baseline depression score of the experimental group subjects? The average or mean baseline depression score of the experimental group was 14.00.

3. Compare the baseline and the posttest means of the self-care self-efficacy variable for the experimental group. Was this an expected finding? Provide a rationale for your answer. The experimental group’s mean self-care self-efficacy posttest score (mean = 96.00) was 6.44 points higher than its baseline mean score (mean = 89.56) because on average the experimental group subjects scored ...view middle of the document...

55, as opposed to the SD = 10.34 for the control group. But there is really minimal difference in the SD for both groups. Implying that the greater the standard deviation, the more dispersed the scores of the experiment are from the mean.

5. What was the arithmetic average of all empowerment posttest scores collected in this study? The arithmetic average Mean = 101.08, as shown in table 2 under the total group mean.

6. What variable was affected the most by the empowerment program? Is this an expected result? Provide a rationale for your answer. The experimental subjects’ mean empowerment scores showed the greatest increase from baseline to posttest, with a 6.64 point increase as compared to a 6.44 point increase for self-care self-efficacy and a 0.64 point decrease for depression. This is an expected result because the intervention was an empowerment program and one would expect that this type of program would have a greater effect on empowerment level and also on the self-care self-efficacy more than on the depression scores.

7. On average, how long had the ESRD patients been on dialysis? Was there a significant difference between the control and the experimental groups in the length of time they had been on dialysis? The Relevant Study Results indicated that the mean or average length of time on dialysis was 52.56 months. The article indicated that there was no significant difference between the control and experimental groups in clinical and demographic characteristics (p <0.05), so there was no significant difference in length of time on dialysis for the two groups.

8. The self-care self-efficacy posttest’s X— = 96.00 means that: Answer: b. 96 was the average self-care self-efficacy posttest score for the experimental group.

9. The control group’s baseline empowerment SD = 8.99. What does this statement mean? This means that one standard deviation from the mean for the empowerment variable equaled 8.99 and that this SD indicates the amount of dispersion or spread of the scores in the control group at baseline.

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