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Statistical Study Essay

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Chapter Nine

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Problem 1)

A skeptical paranormal researcher claims that the proportion of Americans that have seen a UFO is less than 1 in every one thousand. State the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis for a test of significance.

Answer: H0: μ = 0.001
Ha: μ < 0.001

Problem 2)

At one school, the average amount of time that tenth-graders spend watching television each week is 18.4 hours. The principal introduces a campaign to encourage the students to watch less television. One year later, the principal wants to perform a hypothesis test to determine whether the average amount of time spent watching ...view middle of the document...

In 1993, he was exonorated through DNA testing

Chapter 10

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Problem 1)

Steven collected data from 20 college students on their emotional responses to classical music. Students listened to two 30-second segments from “The Collection from the Best of Classical Music.” After listening to a segment, the students rated it on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 indicating that it “made them very sad” to 10 indicating that it “made them very happy.” Steve computes the total scores from each student and created a variable called “hapsad.” Steve then conducts a one-sample t-test on the data, knowing that there is an established mean for the publication of others that have taken this test of 6. The following is the scores:

5.0 5.0
10.0 3.0
13.0 13.0
7.0 5.0
5.0 15.0
14.0 18.0
8.0 12.0
10.0 7.0
3.0 15.0
4.0 3.0

a) Conduct a one-sample t-test. What is the t-test score? What is the mean? Was the test significant? If it was significant at what P-value level was it significant?
t = x̅ - μ

Available data: n=20
The sample mean: x̅ = 175/20 = 8.75
Degrees of freedom n - 1 = 20 – 1 = 19
Population mean: µ = 6
Standard deviation:

S = 4.7

Therefore t = 8.75 – 6 = 2.63

According to table 10.1 (critical values of t), the degree of freedom of 19 has a critical value of 2.093 and since our t score has a value of 2.63 (greater than 2.093) the test is considerate significant.
P-value is ( using P value calculator) 0.01649298

b) What is your null and alternative hypothesis? Given the results did you reject or fail to reject the null and why?
(Use instructions on page 349 of your textbook, under Hypothesis Tests with the t Distribution to conduct SPSS or Excel analysis).

Null and alternative hypothesis are: H0: μ = 6 Ha: μ ≠ 6
Given the result of the t=score being significant, the null hypothesis is being rejected

Problem 2)

Billie wishes to test the hypothesis that overweight individuals tend to eat faster than normal-weight individuals. To test this hypothesis, she has two assistants sit in a McDonald’s restaurant and identify individuals who order the Big Mac special for lunch. The Big Mackers as they become known are then classified by the assistants as overweight, normal weight, or neither overweight nor normal weight. The assistants identify 10 overweight and 10 normal weight Big Mackers. The assistants record the amount of time it takes them to eat the Big Mac special.

1.0 585.0
1.0 540.0
1.0 660.0
1.0 571.0
1.0 584.0
1.0 653.0
1.0 574.0
1.0 569.0
1.0 619.0
1.0 535.0
2.0 697.0
2.0 782.0
2.0 587.0
2.0 675.0
2.0 635.0
2.0 672.0
2.0 606.0
2.0 789.0
2.0 806.0
2.0 600.0

a) Compute an independent-samples t-test on these...

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