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Statistical Analysis Of Marketing Questionnaire Pertaining To Small Business Success In Karachi

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Statistical Analysis of Marketing Questionnaire pertaining to small business success in Karachi

Submitted By:
Asad Ali
Beenish Aslam
Madiha Saleem
Sunniya Zehra Rizvi

Course: Methods in Business Research
Instructors: Ejaz H.Mian
Saima Husain
Class: BBA (MIS) IV
Date: November 26, 2008
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• Our parents and friends: Their encouragement and cooperation was always behind us. Whenever we were in need of consolation or motivation, they stood behind us and pushed us forward.

We would also like to thank all those people having played a part in the successful development of this project report not mentioned above.

Thank you!


The market is one of the most unpredictable events to predict. Marketers are highly concerned about the information and the views of their customers since it is very important for marketers to know completely what their consumers think about them and their products. It is here that the importance of marketing research is realized which leads to the extensive use of quantitative and qualitative research methods in the market.

The questionnaire for the analysis was designed by Mr. Ejaz H.Mian. The questionnaire contained approximately 75 questions of which 17 were related to the personal details of the small business owner. The questions were from a variety of journals, the most important being the Journal of the American Marketing Association (AMA). Research suggests that 98% of all the firms in Karachi are small businesses. With 25% export contribution, 40% of all employment burden and 65% share in the country’s GDP, small businesses are one of the most important segment of Pakistan. They are spread all across the business and industrial districts of Pakistan; however, there are 3.2 million business units in Karachi alone which makes it a highly representative sample of the entire population of Pakistan. The aim of the research was to analyze and understand the variables which affect the success of small business in Karachi.

Analysis Methodology

The objective of the questionnaire was to identify the major factors which affect the success or failure of small business in Karachi. Since Karachi was selected as the sample for the questionnaire analysis, the various business districts were surveyed to gather the questionnaires for the analysis. For this purpose, a total of 57 questions measuring different qualities in the owners and their businesses were measured through complementary and reverse questions. The areas selected for the overall analysis...

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