Statement Of The Problems Of Hong Kong Disneyland Chinese Tourist Behavior Case Study

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* considered as a Filipino nationalist and scholar par excellence
* dedicated his life to the cause of Philippine national sovereignty, democratic rights, peace and social justice
* his nationalist works have been cited and recognized by the Quezon City and Manila governments, the Civil Liberties Union, and the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and the University of the Philippines
* his writings:
1. teach us to re-examine our colonial history
2. wants us to learn from our past and to correct some of the historical errors made by early writers of history
3. “usable past” – a past that can be used to advance the Filipino’s quest for ...view middle of the document...

Framework in writing history wherein the people’s point of view is being considered and the role of the people is being projected
C. Objectives/Goals:
1. To redress the imbalance contained in colonial historiography by exposing the myths
2. To evaluate past events and actions in terms of how these events affected the people
D. Assumes a high sense of academic responsibility and a deep commitment to certain ethical standards

Our scholarship should be partisan “in favor of our development and protective of our own interests.

What we need to achieve:
A. necessity for the development of research techniques that will address the need to deeply understand the material and cultural life of the Filipino people
B. writers must choose between two diametrically-opposed viewpoints or two sets of truth – these were “the truth of the colonizer and the truth of the colonized”

**The reader must also be critical and analytical of written official histories

A New Look at Heroes
* critic on how early writers of history deify leaders
* discusses that it is only within the context of a people’s history that individuals can be correctly...

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