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Statement Of Philosophy And Goals Essay

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Statement of Philosophy and Goals

As a child playing school with the neighborhood children, I had always dreamed of becoming a teacher. Since the first day of kindergarten, watching the teacher teach us how to do basic things like counting, writing, and reading is what interested me in teaching. Throughout my elementary and secondary education I became even more interested in the teaching field. I thought that being a teacher would be the best thing in the world because a teacher has an immense amount of knowledge. Now I am in college where I am currently studying to be a secondary mathematics teacher. There are several reasons why I want to become a teacher, but the two most ...view middle of the document...

I did not only learn things like photosynthesis, but I learned how to become an adult and to respect people. I continued my learning process by going to college, and I plan on continuing this process by becoming a teacher. For example, a teacher that teaches a computer science course has to constantly learn about the new technology, so that he or she can teach his or her students the up-to-date information. A teacher is constantly learning something new because techniques are always changing. The educational learning process never ends.

“The curriculum of the schools should be subject-centered. In particular, student learning should be centered on the basic subjects such as writing, reading, history, mathematics, and science.” This philosophy is from an essentialist point of view. A student’s learning process should be based on the basic subjects. Essentialism is called the back-to-basics approach because it teaches the students the essentials of academic knowledge. Ever since the launching of Sputnik in 1957, it brought the basics back to the classroom. Mathematics changed over night when Sputnik was launched. For example, an ordinary problem like one plus three became a simple word problem, “Jimmy has one apple in his basket, but Beth gave him three more apples. How many apples does Jimmy have in all?” After the launching of Sputnik, mathematic classes no longer taught just the basic math skills, but it now teaches students reading comprehension and English grammar in a mathematics course by giving the student a word problem.

The teaching methods for an essentialist are lecture, recitation, discussion, computer assisted instruction. This is ideal for mathematic teachers because a math teacher must lecture to teach, and they have to use computer-assisted instruction by making calculators available, and utilizing them, in the classroom. Students should also have a chance to discuss what they learn in that class, possibly by using Socratic dialogue. One way a mathematics teacher might make the students recite what they learn is to have quizzes. This gives the students a chance to have practice problems that are similar to what is currently being taught.

“Students should learn effectively through social interaction, schools should play for substantial social interaction in their curricula.” This philosophy is from a progressivism point of view. Not only should the school set aside time for students to have social interaction, but the teacher should allow it in his or her classroom. A way to do this is to have students do group projects. The students are learning the basic skills, but also learning how to cooperate with other students. A mathematics teacher might let students work in groups so that the students can teach each other and learn from each other’s mistakes. Working in groups would also work best before taking a test so that the students can review each other. The school...

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