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Statement Of Intent Essay

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I wish to enroll in the MBA program for the upcoming spring term. My purpose in this capacity is to master and learn as much as I can in the fields of business administration, accounting, and finance. I feel that an MBA could launch my career and me to new heights, and I am willing to accept the challenge that it will bring. I hope to learn and apply the skills taught through the program to the real world and contribute to the best of my ability.
I chose The Florida Institute of Technology because it is a reputable school, with high credentials. The college also offers online classes, which I feel would best suit me as a working adult. Another reason ...view middle of the document...

At the time I was perusing my undergraduate degree, I was working a part time job, and admittedly I became lazy. Although my GPA was not what I wished for in the last couple semesters, I feel I have learned from that experience and have put it behind me. I have experienced the consequences of not working up to one’s full potential; it can take its toll on one’s psyche, as well as leaving a stain on ones record.
Since graduating U.F. in December 2005, I have held 2 positions with the State of Florida. I was a Revenue specialist for 1 year. This position was entry level, mostly dealing with Tax payment processing. I gained valuable team building and team-work experience, as every day was a new experience and task, which often involved input from different sources. I took great pride in organizing tasks for our teams, and seeing the end product.
Most recently I have been a Financial Analyst for the Department Of Agriculture. I really enjoy what I do. My position involves regulation and I often conduct audits and provide reports of agricultural dealers. I have 2.5 years experience in this role. I feel this has prepared me to take my understanding and study of business and finance/accounting further. The real world experience I have learned on the job is invaluable. I often interact with small business owners, large nursery growers, and many start-up landscaping companies. I believe I can use what I have learned to a great extent in the classroom, and feel I have the discipline and drive to see it through.

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