State Budget Essay

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Government revenues include five chapters:
1. Taxes.
2. Grants.

3. Other revenues.
4. Collected money of financial assets sales.

5. Borrowing.


Government expenditures include five chapters:
1. Wages & salaries and compensations for workers. 2. Goods & services. 3. Interests.

4. Subsidies, grants & social / Advantages.
5. Other expenses. 6. Investments. 7. Purchases from financial assets. 8. Repayments of loans.


Government Expenditures

Economical Criterion

Functional Criterion

Includes eight chapters


State Budget “ Is a financial plan that includes the expected G Revenue and expected G Expenditure for the next fiscal year, used to achieve society's targets, economic growth, social Equity, … etc. ” G Expenditure
Ch.1 Wages & salaries
Ch.2 Purchases of good service Ch.3 Interests Ch.4 Subsidies & Social benefits Ch.5 Others Spending Ch.6 Investments Ch.7. Purchases of financial Assets Ch.8. Repayments of loans


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E] Average weight is estimated approximately by 30% of the total expenses.

Total Expenses

25% for wages and salaries

26% for interests

30% for subsidies

19% for other expenses

The total government expenditures of the proposed budget 2013/2014 is estimated approximately by 820 Billions L.E, from this value the total expenses are estimated approximately by 692 B.EL, its value is reached to approximately 85% of the total government expenditures.

Main different sources of government expenditures of the proposed budget 2013/2014:

Obligatory increasing of wages and salaries and labour compensations

Increasing of Increasing of subsidies and the public social grants debt burden & social Benefits

Increasing of world market prices of food

Includes 30% as special premium for workers from basic salary, its cost is estimated by 17 Billions L.E.

[6 millions works in the government sector plus 0.6 million workers in the economical companies in the public sector] Social premiums to workers in the government sector, these premiums are added to the basic salary every five years.

Permanent jobs 28 Billions L.E



In-Kind benefits

Others provisions

Temporary jobs 2 Billions L.E

Cash benefits advantages

Insuranc benefits

Bonuses & Rewards in the proposed budget 2013/2014 are estimated approximately by 74 Billions L.E. as percentage of the total wages and salaries equals 34%

The Second Chapter
Purchases of goods and services are estimated approximately by 31 Billions L.E. from the proposed budget [4.4% of the total expenses] fuel, spar ports, water bills, electricity bills, transportations, Ink, papers, row materials and vaccinations against diseases and maintenance cost, …..ect. Medicines and vaccinations are estimated approximately by 3 billions L.E. (Increased from 3.1 to 3.4 B.L.E). Maintenance costs increased from 4.3 to 4.4 B.L.E (increased by 2.4% from fiscal year 2012/2013).

The Third Chapter (Interests)
These interests due on all short and long public loans, estimated approximately by 182 B.L.E and its share estimated by 31.3% of the total government expenditures in the proposed budget.

Interests on local loans are estimated by 174.6 B.L.E

Interests on local loans are estimated by 174.6 B.L.E

The total interests estimated by 8.9% G.D.P.

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