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State And Federal Prisons Essay

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State and Federal Prison System
Hope Washington
CJS/230 Introduction to Corrections
May 19, 2013
John Feltgen

A federal prison and a local jail are built nearly the same, but the difference lies in what they are used for. A local county jail is used to detain/incarcerate offenders for one year or less; the state prison is very similar to federal prisons that both incarcerate/rehabilitate and execute offenders. States generally have industries where offenders work and make furniture, license plates and etc. for the state. Federal prisons have fewer jobs but they also have the super max prisons that are like "animal cages" where offenders stay 23 hours a day. 1 hour a day they get to exercise, shower and etc.
An example of a state prison system would be the Texas Department of ...view middle of the document...

Upon entry in the state prison facility, inmates could be given an incentive to enter and complete one or more rehabilitation program depending on the degree of severity of the crime or crimes that the inmate committed. I believe that an inmate that sees a program to completion is possibly dedicated to changing their behavior in order to avoid becoming a repeat offender. The security levels in state and federal prisons are maximum-security, close-high-security, medium-security, minimum-security, and open-security. The differences in these levels are: (1) maximum-security prisons have more rigorous security procedures and the lowest ratio of inmates to guards; (2) close-high-security prisons are less restrictive and have a higher ratio of inmates to guards; (3) medium-security prisons are a little more restrictive than close-high-security prisons and the inmate-to-guard ratio might be “twice that of the maximum-security prison; (4) minimum-security prisons have minimal perimeter security and fewer internal controls as well as a higher inmate-to-guard.
Following the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, a revolution has been underway in the relationships of federal, state, and local homeland security, law enforcement, and intelligence organizations. At the federal level, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been created, the “wall” between law enforcement and intelligence has been nearly obliterated, some law enforcement organizations are being directed to become more like intelligence agencies, and the foreign intelligence community is being fundamentally reformed. The impact of these changes has been even greater at the state level: state governments have been assigned the lead role in homeland security.

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