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Start Of Wwi Essay

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Germany is a very powerful nation and always has been, they’ve been in many wars and they’ve won several of them. Along with England, France, Italy, Russia, Austria/Hungary, Germany was one of the six most powerful nations in Europe. Out of these 6 nations, Germany was the strongest, not only in terms of military standards, but also in terms of economic standards. No event in the history of Germany was quite as impactful and important as World War I. World War I and the Treaty of Versailles lead Germany to suffer great short term effects such as halting all momentum that had been gained previous to the war, massive loss of German soldiers and citizens, it completely decimated Germany’s army, and it also lead to massive inflation in Germany ...view middle of the document...

” In 1870, the French were beaten by the Prussians at the Battle of Sedan. After this battle, the Germans annexed a region of France called Alsace-Lorraine. Bismarck worked hard to create a better relationship with Austria, Russia, and Italy, which lead to the isolation of France. This was very good, because it meant that fewer nations wanted to go to war with Germany. A short while after this, German emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm I died, shortly after than his son died as well, which lead to Kaiser’s grandson taking position on the throne. Kaiser Wilhelm II was a very conservative man and did not agree with most of Bismarck’s liberal policies, soon after Wilhelm II had gotten rid of Bismarck, most of the agreements that had been reached between Germany and Austria, Russia, and Italy had terminated. Wilhelm II also tried contesting Britain’s navy, by building a very strong German navy. This cost Wilhelm a lot of money, which ultimately reduced the amount of spending they could put into their army, and did not allow them to keep up with modern military technology, making them more vulnerable. As Kaiser Wilhelm II continues being emperor, he gets very greedy, as Germany tries to make a United States of Europe by moving “east to an empire that would include the Baltic states, the Ukraine, Poland, and southern Russia.” All of these countries got very tired of Germany trying to expand their empire so much, and it was a major contribution to the start of WWI. This is one of the reasons why the allied forces were so harsh during the Treaty of Versailles, to make sure Germany didn’t get greedy again, and try taking over more land. The Treaty of Versailles not only failed to accomplish that purpose, but it did exactly the opposite. (The Map of Europe).

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