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Stars Essay

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By first glance at the title Stars, I assumed the story would have something to do with the author’s perception of the constellations during the night. By my growing knowledge of the Holocaust I then remembered the Star of David was very significant in determining Jews from non-Jews. It still baffles me to believe that this symbol, which is worn on chains by people of the Jewish faith today, could be used to discriminate one race from the other and aid in their humiliation and ultimately their death.
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A memory bubble came to me of the numerous times I stood standing in line at a bar without being of the legal age to drink alcohol. Most occasions I would hand the bouncer my authentic I.D. stating that I was underage and he would mark my hand with an “X” or something similar to show that I wasn’t allowed to drink while in the bar. Thinking on my feet, I learned that sometimes the “X” would come right off if I ran quickly to the bathroom to wash it off. Other times I would put Chap-Stick on the back of my hands to ensure that it would wash off with ease.
In comparison, I am doing a similar act selfishly and in order to party and have a good time with friends. The main character Michael, on the other hand, is doing so to save his cousin from extermination. I don’t believe that I will ever understand the suffering and pain that the Jews withstood during this time, especially when I relate it to my life. I find it almost disturbing to be reading about two young boys using the tactic I described to save their lives and gain freedom, while I almost immediately think back to the measures I took in order to get into a bar and gain ability to drink.

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