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Stark Mobile Garage Service Essay

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part one: business introduction

1. General description of the venture

“Stark Mobile Garage Services Limited” will provide mechanic and vehicle repairs services when called upon in case of emergency. Several small mechanic teams will wait on various exit points of Dhaka city and within the city to respond to emergency calls. The call operators will receive emergency call for services required and will inform the nearest mobile mechanic teams who will attend the location where the vehicle broke down.
The teams will move around in company vehicles carrying the tools needed to repair vehicles and will also carry some common spare parts. The company will have qualified mobile ...view middle of the document...

We will be a garage on the move and can bring all the attributes of your local garage directly to you without you having to take important time off work or make alternative arrangements to get to a garage.

2. Company’s Mission

Mission statement: “The fast, reliable and affordable mobile garage that comes to you”
The mission of Stark Mobile Garage Services is to provide high quality, convenient and comprehensive auto repair at low cost. The most important aspect of our business is trust. It is the goal of our firm to have 100% customer satisfaction in regards to quality, friendliness, time to completion and to discover new ways to exceed the expectations of our clients.

3. Company History

In order to complete the course F-306 named Entrepreneurship and Project Development offered by Department of Finance, University of Dhaka the students need to complete develop a new business idea. That’s when a group of students came up with the idea of this venture called Stark Mobile Garage Services.
4. Goal/Potential of the venture and milestone

The goal of the company is to create a loyal customer base and become the leading motor mechanic service provider in and around Dhaka city. The potential of this venture is very high as many cars breaks down or requires servicing every day. The key to reaching our goal are:
• High-quality work.
• Constant contact t with clients so as to keep them informed about the state of their
Automobile and the repair job progress.
• Knowledgeable mechanics that are friendly, customer oriented, and will take the time to explain to customer the intricate nature of our business and our work.

5. Uniqueness of the service

If your vehicle needs urgent attention making it immobile, or if it has developed a problem which you may not wish to worsen by driving to your local garage, then make one phone call to us and we'll have mobile mechanic on their way to you.
This innovative car repairs service will give you the ultimate convenience as you can sit in the comfort of your own home while our qualified mobile mechanics set about fixing the problem.

Our mobile mechanics have all the relevant training and qualifications to get your vehicle up and running again as soon as possible.

Our cost-effective car repairs prices will also see that you are completely satisfied with the mobile garage service we can offer you. Our team of skilled mechanics are able to offer many services from roadside repair to tow bar fitting.
In case if the vehicle is irreparable on spot, carrying trucks will be there to carry the vehicle safely in the head quarter where further repairs will be carried.
Servicing and painting works can also be done at the head quarter subject to prior appointment.

PART Two: management aspect

2.1 The Promoters

A group of five students from the B.B.A. program of Department of Finance, University of Dhaka will be promoting the venture. All the aspects...

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