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Starbucks Marketing Communications Plan Essay

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Executive Summary
We have investigated the possible launch of the Starbucks Coffee Company
in the Netherlands, where we tried to combine the Starbucks’ ‘way of doing’
with the local Dutch market. Our mission therefore is to successfully
introduce while paying attention to the Dutch needs and expectations.
The standardized Starbucks products will be used such as coffee, tea, and
merchandise, except for the pastries, where we strive to localize to better
integrate with the local market. The products will be premium priced,
according to the Starbucks strategy. As a result, Starbucks will be
established as a premium brand. The first store will be opened in Amsterdam
in a promising and ...view middle of the document...

This will be achieved
through a variety of mediums, including posters and billboards, newspaper
ads and the internet. The creative strategy aims to create awareness through
excitement and pride about living in Amsterdam, a ‘city on the map.’
Sophie van der Vecht, Neni Pogarcic, Hidde van der Dussen, April 2006
Tim Ensing, Dan Mackinnon, Lucia Suchankova
This marketing plan is going to investigate the possible launch of Starbucks
Coffee Company in the Netherlands. We will focus primarily on marketing and
advertising, in which we want to develop a possible plan and try to forecast
the success of this store.
We want to state clearly that this plan will be based on existing Starbucks
information, combined with our observations and knowledge of the
Netherlands. We think that the Starbucks strategy, mission and action plan
are very good. Otherwise there is no way that a coffee company would be
this well-known and this popular. That is why we will change small aspects of
the whole existing strategy and adapt this to the Dutch market. The Dutch
market has some special characteristics which will not accept the ‘American
way of Starbucks’. Although somewhat exaggerated, the following can give a
clearer understanding of the Dutch culture:
The Dutch care very much about the environment and see social
responsibility as an important factor. The Dutch do not have a
coffee-house culture, even though they like coffee a lot. This is
translated in our opening hours of bars and coffee places, that
go from late in the morning, until late in the evening. The Dutch
do not usually spend money very easily on food and beverages.
The Dutch respect good service, and they love special discounts
even if it’s just for a specific group (the students for instance),
and they do not see as a negative aspect.
Our mission is to introduce Starbucks to the Netherlands by opening a test
store in Amsterdam. We will focus on making our Amsterdam store
successful by adapting to the needs of the local customers while keeping the
core Starbucks strengths intact. This store will set a positive example of
corporate social responsibility by adhering to our high environmental
standards and create a positive experience for customers to create repeat
• To have first year revenues of €450,000
• To keep first year operating expenses below €300,000
• To earn a profit in the second operational year
• To have an average occupancy rate of 75% in the first year
• To have a first year market share of 15%
• To have first year average invoice of €5
Sophie van der Vecht, Neni Pogarcic, Hidde van der Dussen, April 2006
Tim Ensing, Dan Mackinnon, Lucia Suchankova
The Starbucks ‘product’ can be divided into actual tangible products (which
can be further divided into direct consumption products and merchandise
products) and an intangible service part. The products will be described first,
later on the service...

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