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October 2002

national competency standards for the enrolled nurse
Introduction Description of Enrolled Nurse National Competency Standards Assessing Competence Glossary of Terms

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council (ANMC) is a peak national nursing and midwifery organisation established in 1992 with the purpose of developing a national approach to nursing and midwifery regulation. The ANMC works in conjunction with the state and territory nursing and midwifery regulatory authorities (NMRAs) to produce national standards which are an integral component of the regulatory framework to assist nurses and midwives to deliver safe and competent care. The standards ...view middle of the document...

What are the standards used for?
The national competency standards for the enrolled nurse are the core competency standards by which your performance may be assessed to retain your license to practice as an enrolled nurse in Australia. As an enrolled nurse, these core competency standards provide you with the framework for assessing your competence. They may also be used by your state/territory NMRA to assess competence as part of the annual renewal of license process, to assess nurses educated overseas seeking to work in Australia, and to assess nurses returning to work after breaks in service. They are also used to assess nurses involved in professional conduct matters. In addition, they may also be used by the NMRAs to assess nurses involved in professional conduct matters and to communicate to consumers the standards that can be expected from nurses. Universities and the Vocational Educational Training sector also use the standards when developing nursing curricula, and to assess student and new graduate registered and enrolled nurse performance. These are YOUR standards — we believe you will find them easy to understand and user friendly. Included also are the principles of assessment which will assist you in understanding how these standards may be used to assess performance.


Description of the enrolled nurse on entry to practice
The enrolled nurse is an associate to the registered nurse who demonstrates competence in the provision of patient-centred care as specifi ed by the registering authority’s licence to practise, educational preparation and context of care. Core as opposed to minimum enrolled nursing practice requires the enrolled nurse to work under the direction and supervision of the registered nurse as stipulated by the relevant nurse registering authority. At all times, the enrolled nurse retains responsibility for his/her actions and remains accountable in providing delegated nursing care. Core enrolled nurse responsibilities in the provision of patient-centred nursing care include recognition of normal and abnormal in assessment, intervention and evaluation of individual health and functional status. The enrolled nurse monitors the impact of nursing care and maintains ongoing communication with the registered nurse regarding the health and functional status of individuals. Core enrolled nurse responsibilities also include providing support and comfort, assisting with activities of daily living to achieve an optimal level of independence, and providing for emotional needs of individuals. Where state law and organisational policy allows, enrolled nurses may administer prescribed medicines or maintain intravenous fluids, in accordance with their educational preparation. Enrolled nurses are required to be information technology literate with specific skills in the application of health care technology. Enrolled nurses demonstrate critical and refl ective thinking skills in contributing to decision making which...

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