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Staffing Plan Essay

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Staffing Plan
The human resources department of an organization holds much significance and human beings are considered the most important asset of an organization. A company has different functions in an organization such as marketing, accounting, human resources, manufacturing, operations, and each function needs to be proficient and have the right employees to ensure that the business processes and operations become highly effective (Messmer, 1999). This requires the framing of an appropriate staffing plan and even working on the details such as the number of people who need to be hired in various functions, and developing the strategies for recruitment purposes in compliance with the ...view middle of the document...

The restaurant chosen is a recognized brand name and is growing still that can be attributed to the high popularity, which is a result of the excellent services provided to the people. The organization needs to hire the people, who are experts in their field, and the policy that can work for them is to hire some permanent employees and others as part-time employees. This would provide an approximation; the company can recruit around 30% of the present workforce to keep up with the organizational growth. In that 30%, the categorization of temporary and permanent employees should be made according to the number of customers they serve in a day and other factors. The annual turnover also can be calculated and the company must also take that into consideration here.
The next concern is the recruitment strategies, and here the notable fact is that the worthy people must be hired who possess the competencies needed for the particular job position and the talent to learn more with the advancements in the technology or demands of the position. To have an edge over the competitors, it is imperative to have the best recruitment strategies, especially so when the recruitment is done in the foreign land. Some other factors such as cultural differences and the legal implications too come into play in this situation. The possibility of expansion of the firm should be kept in mind by the employer; in addition to that, other factors to be considered are the overtime records of the last financial year and the workload estimate for the coming year. An organization needs to look at the current workforce and have a closer look at the skills and knowledge it already has (Messmer, 1999). The organizational objectives and aims must be thoroughly studied and the matching of skill sets must be done with them. Then the workforce must be hired keeping in mind the specialized characteristics they need to possess, and after discover if training and skill enhancement of the present employees can compensate for the requirements in the organization.
Then it should be noted how many people will leave the organization in the near future and how the allocation of work will be done after that. The ratio of employees according to the different functional areas must be maintained and equal emphasis must be laid upon all the functions in an organization. Choosing the right people proves out to be beneficial for the organization and works in the right direction to the accomplishment of the organizational goals and objectives. While framing the strategies for a precise staffing plan, the detailed analysis of the responsibilities for each position must be established in...

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