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Staff Behavior Essay

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Changes in Staff Behavior

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By addressing the behavior Team C is hoping that they can change the behavior and encourage the staff member to receive the necessary assistance to fix and combat the behavioral problem. Drug abusers often try to conceal their symptoms and downplay their problem. Warning signs in a staff member’s attitude and actions show that a he or she may be chemically dependent. He or she may display inexplicable irritability, anger, or mood swings. There also may be bursts of unusual hyperactivity, followed by periods of lethargy. He or she may display signs of fear, anxiety, and paranoia. He or she may also become very secretive and withdrawn. There may be a sudden change in friends, or a complete change in personality. He or she may suddenly complain about not possessing enough money, or develops trouble with the law.
A staff member’s personal appearance could also give warning signs of chemical dependence. His or her eyes may suddenly be blood shot all of the time. There could also be appetite, weight, and sleep pattern changes. He or she may develop tremors, slurred speech, or impaired coordination. A change in personal grooming habits, or lack thereof, could also be a sign. He or she may also have unusual smells coming from his or her body, clothing, or breath.
Many times a staff member who is chemically dependent will show a lack of motivation, a decrease in his or her productivity, and at times, he or she cannot complete the simplest of tasks. Another warning sign that a staff member may be chemically dependent is a marked decrease in his or her attendance at work. Many times when a person becomes chemically dependent he or she may only think about obtaining more drugs. He or she loses all interest in family, friends, and work.
Types of Intervention
Intervention is a key method of helping someone struggling with an issue in his or her life. Intervention methods can be through family intervention, emergency intervention, teen intervention, and workplace intervention (Foundation Recovery Network of treatment centers, 2010). Family intervention has family members working together to assist an individual close to him or her who is struggling with an issue that could harm him or herself or others. Emergency intervention takes place immediately and is done so in a situation in which an individual is thought to be dangerous to him or herself or to others. Teen intervention helps teens who experience addiction problems. Teenagers are difficult to confront without it seeming like an attack; so teen intervention should be used with an intervention specialist (Foundation Recovery Network of treatment centers, 2010). Another intervention method would be the workplace intervention. There can be times when coworkers may notice another coworker acting differently. If some coworkers sense that another coworker may be having some problems with an addiction then preparing a plan for intervention would be appropriate.
Intervention Planning,...

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