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St James Hospital Essay

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St James Hospital

Waste identification and elimination
Waste is seen as a wide range of non-added value activities and costs. Waste are evident in material management and in administration systems.
a) Purchasing
* purchasing administration (too many suppliers)
* too many buyers
b) Inventory
* excess inventory
* duplicated inventory
* excess materials in standard packs
* use of expensive items in lieu of low-cost ones
c) Process
* process complexity in Urology administration
* cancelled appointments in Urology surgery
a) Elimination of waste in the purchasing system. Jimmy's relationship with suppliers is changing from a medium-term ...view middle of the document...

Functional organisation include:
* economies of scale
* faster learning of narrow work content tasks (specialisation)
* safety (e.g. in X-Ray and pharmacy)
* security of information
* convenient position, near inputs to the operation
* clear boundaries of responsibility
* concentration of expertise and training.
The application of cellular principles involved making just four people responsible for a dedicated, self-contained admissions system. While the case does not give details, we can surmise that this must have involved devising a new process which cut across the functional boundaries, and gave much broader responsibilities to the employees. Some safeguards would have been made to ensure that neither the patient nor the employee was exposed to the risk of mistakes, such as the failure to notice that clinical tests had not been completed before admission. Most problems would have been 'political' since the redesigned system was faster and simpler. Opposition would be expected from managers of existing functions who might have seen this as undermining their department and expertise. These problems are common in manufacturing where...

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