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Ssk12 Introduction To University Learning – Essay 1

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Obtaining a University Degree is Extremely Important

In my essay, I argue that in my world view obtaining a university degree is extremely important. I will define the term “World View” according to Hobson, Samovar and Porter. I will also discuss the factors that have influenced my world view of education and learning such as a vast experience of financial services experience in the UK and Australia, and more recent journey into the social business media space. I will also touch on what is important to me in my worldview and why these factors have ignited my ambition in acquiring a university degree.

Samovar and Porterribing, describe as Worldview as being an “overarching philosophy ...view middle of the document...

When I reflect on my career history of nearly twenty years, I find myself motivated to undertake a university degree. Working within financial services I have always had to ensure that I am keeping up with industry standards, I also come from a family that places a high value on formal education and obtaining a university degree Arts degree will raise my self-esteem and confidence. It will also give me confidence with dealing with company stakeholders and also presenting at conferences.

I am at a stage in my career where I do not have to get a degree; it is my own choice to work hard to get one. I have been employed by the same company for nearly ten years, and apart from the CEO, I am the longest serving staff member. At the age of 37 I feel like I have become part of the furniture. I work with colleagues who are mainly Gen Y, who do not have the commitment that I have in that they want instant gratification. Throughout my career I have obtained many diplomas in financial services and have vast experience in the online comparison space in the UK and Australia; however my driving force in starting my degree is to pull all this experience together, into one all-encompassing qualification. I do not feel that obtaining a university degree will advantage me massively from an academic perspective; however I know that I will be able to pull strength from it. I believe that the experience I have gained through my career, my fortunate upbringing and my experience of different cultures through my love for travelling will generate a richer worldview.
At present my worldview as very micro as it consists of my wife and young children, sleep deprivation and my career. Once my life is back in order, this seems a long way from now, I am looking forward to applying my new found knowledge not just in my career but also in my personal life.

Having time to manage family life, work life and also study is very emotional and I find that I have to refocus often, turning a negative emotion into a positive emotion has been a significant factor in my decision to undertake this degree. “The ups and downs of your emotions influence your learning.” (Marshall and Rowland 2006, 7) I use this emotion to make me want to study so that I can better myself and...

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