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Sr Rm 022 Essay

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Service Request SR-RM-022, part 1
University of Phoenix
Bill Schuyler

Service Request SR-RM-022, part 1
Hugh McCauley, COO of Riordan Manufacturing is requesting that all plant locations integrate the existing HR tools being used into a single integrated application. According to the service request, McCauley see’s a more sophisticated, state-of-the-art information system technology being used in the Human Resources department. To obtain these objective several pieces of information will be gathered using current employees as well as the system being used. A few different face to face interviews will be conducted with the HR department as well as surveys and ...view middle of the document...

There are several information gathering techniques and design methods to use for this sort of project but first let us take a look at the current technical resources available and business needs. Riordan Manufacturing is still using their current installed system which was installed in 1992. The ERP system for finance and accounting are all different in all four locations from California, Michigan, Georgia, to China and then consolidated in San Jose, California. The business need is for a single integrated system which will incorporate all of the existing HR tools into one. JAD is just one of five different information gathering techniques that are going to be used for gathering information. Questionnaires, document analysis, and observations are the other techniques used. JAD is used commonly for identifying big improvements. JAD sessions are great for key stakeholders and users to have the ability to work together for them to have an overall understanding of possible options when it comes down to the to-be system. JAD will also allow a collection of system requirements simultaneously from the key stakeholders involved with the actual system. In order for the project to be completed in approximately six months for the new system to be utilized in the second quarter of next year, Rapid Application Development (RAD) will be another key ingredient to gathering information necessary. RAD sacrifices computer efficiency for gains in human efficiency in rapidly building and rebuilding working systems (Valacich, George, & Hoffer, 2012). Along with JAD and RAD gathering techniques, interviewing is still going to be a huge part of the process in gaining more knowledge about the system documentation.
Since the HR system is fairly old and are still done manually there may be opportunity to update this process along with cutting out others. During the interviews all operating documents, policies and procedures with be collected and analyzed by the people who use them to get a better understanding of how accurate information is. It will be a key factor to see how everything works in action versus everything the interviewee tells us during the interview. When we see it in person and confirm things they have told us in the interview do match up, it makes for a better understanding of the procedures each person goes through. Another way of successfully ensuring that the gathered information was done successfully is analyzing the results from the questionnaire. They will be completed to...

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