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Sr. Manager Essay

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Executive Summary
The Federal Government’s current Information Technology (IT) environment is characterized by low asset utilization, a fragmented demand for resources, duplicative systems, environments which are difficult to manage, and long procurement lead times. These inefficiencies negatively impact the Federal Government’s ability to serve the American public. Cloud computing has the potential to play a major part in addressing these inefficiencies and improving government service delivery. Amtrak, one of top client for Lockheed Martin is facing similar challenges to reduce the cost of IT infrastructure maintenance in their data center operations. Lockheed Martin has a unique cloud ...view middle of the document...

They have systems that are very unique and mission critical. Proper communications and adequate training would definitely help them in their decision. Recommendations to address these challenges include:
• Implementing a communications strategy for the Cloud computing services and
• Implementation plan including the right design procedures and strategies.
Develop a tactical plan to set targets for multi year strategy.
At Amtrak there are many mission critical applications including reservations, e-Ticketing, Quick Track, food and beverage applications, enterprise resource planning applications and many more vendor based applications supporting its IT operations. It has been spending huge amount of money on data center maintenance, software applications, storage and facilities to server the needs of customers. Each year they plan to put spending control mechanisms to cut IT dollars but they haven’t been successful. The total IT budget overage for Amtrak was about of $40 million, end of this fiscal year. So Amtrak is looking at possible solutions that can reduce this overage with a proper planning and framework in place. Lockheed Martin recognized as a global aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technology company has always been Government’s choice for Information Technology. They have a unique cloud strategy that is focused on delivering solutions by building a foundation of secure cloud products and services. Their approach is simple: Solutions as a Service, or SolaS. They have done all the ground work so their customers can access their data anywhere, anytime, with confidence. By combining best-in-the industry partnerships, along with Lockheed Martin’s unmatched domain and technology expertise, SolaS is perfectly suited to meet Amtrak’s budget and security needs. Enabling operational efficiency and security in the cloud is all a question of How. It is the How that Lockheed Martin delivers. This report will focus on various strategies on implementing cloud services at Amtrak.
“Cloud Computing” is the latest buzzword that herald as the greatest opportunity in IT service delivery, facilitating on-demand access to shared pools of computing resources – from networks and storage to servers and applications. On top of efficiencies and cost reductions, it promises fast delivery of services for business agility. It holds tremendous potential to deliver public value by increasing operational efficiency and responding to faster constituent needs. It is a technology that enables functionality of IT infrastructure. An estimated $20 billion of the federal government’s 80 billion in IT spending is a potential target for migration to cloud computing solutions. Cloud computing is becoming preferred choice of organizations not only because of its cost savings but also because of the flexibility.
Considering the expanding opportunities in the cloud computing services it is important for Lockheed Martin to research and...

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