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Service Request SR-kf-013 Paper (Preparation)
Learning Team B
Service Request SR-kf-013 Paper (Preparation)
Kudler Fine Foods has submitted a service request to implement a tracking system for a new frequent shopper program. This project will “track purchases of individual customer's. The customer purchases will be tracked and accumulated as loyalty points for redemption by the customer for gift items, specialty foods and other products or services as made available through partnerships with other external companies” (Kudler, 2014).
(Project Scope)
“Project scope is a part of project planning that involves determining and documenting a list of specific project goals, ...view middle of the document...

Project Tasks and Resources – Project tasks and resources will be determined during the feasibility study and the systematic approach will be proposed in order to complete the Frequent Shopper Program system. Refer to each of the phases for individual project tasks.
Project Stakeholders – Stakeholders to be involved with the project are:
* Kathy Kudler – President
* Harvey Stephens – Director of Finance & Accounting
* Yvonne Reynolds – Director of Store Operations
Project Schedule – The project is scheduled to roll out in 4 weeks. Each week is described in the phases of the project accordingly. Phase 1 is week 1, phase 2 is week 2, and so on.
(Proposed System Requirements List)
Kudler Fine Foods will put in place a system that will require multiple strategies. There are two sides of system requirements: hardware and software. This section will cover the frequent shopper awards program for Kuddler stores, detail how the system will work, and explain what is required for the system to function in all stores.
Hardware Requirements
The hardware requirements for the new system are:
* Web Server – The system will contain a front end web server to help customers track their points and exchange them for rewards.
* Customer Database - Reward points will be stored in a server database that will contain customer information. This system will also provide transaction history for each customer.
* Centralized Data System - This hardware is the most important part of the process. This data system will store all important company information. The centralized data system will have the ability to upload and verify the data for every customer.
* Content Servers - This hardware will be back up the stores information on a daily basis.
* Rewards Card - The rewards card, as seen at other stores, will be a cards with a bar code that will be designed for each customer. It will be used to track points and purchases that the customer has earned or spent. There will be two types of cards: a regular card and a key chain card.
* Rewards Card System - This system will function one of Kuddler Fine Foods main features and will help with customer relations. This system will encourage customers to return to shop frequently since it is a company-wide system they can be used at any of our establishments.
System Processes
The processes of the system will include three areas: customers, users and managers. The customer part of the process will be the reward program that will keep track of each purchase and each point earned. The user part of the system represents the employees at the stores. Users will have access to the information of the customer, purchase balances, reward point totals, and the authority to make credit card and debit transactions for the customers. Lastly, the management part of the system will oversee the users and will maintain complete access to each piece of customer information. This will allow managers...

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