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Sql Server 2008 Week 1 Essay

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True or False
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2. F
3. T
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1. 3  Major Revisions and 11 minor. The latest SQL standard was adopted in July 2003 and is often called SQL:2003.
SQL Express

SQL Server Express supports most of the features and functionality of SQL Server. The following table lists some of the major features and components that are supported.
Stored Procedures | SQL Server Configuration Manager |
Views | Replication (as a subscriber only) |
Triggers | Advanced Query Optimizer |
Cursors | SMO/RMO |
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It also lists database features from previous versions of SQL
The following list highlights the major SQL Server components that are not supported in SQL Server Express:
* Reporting Services
* Notification Services
* Integration Services
* Analysis Services
* Full text search
* OLAP Services / Data Mining

Oracle Express
* Fast growing technology
* Web-based
* Developers familiar with PL/SQL can use the same skill set when developing Apex applications
* Easy to create mock-ups
* Easy to deploy (end user opens a URL to access an APEX application)
* Scalable (can be deployed to laptops, stand-alone servers, or Oracle RAC installations)
* Server-side processing and validations
* Strong and supportive user community (especially Oracle APEX forum)
* Basic support for group development
* Free hosting of demo applications provided by Oracle
* Apex applications can run on the free Oracle Express Edition (XE) database
* Individual components of an application can be retrieved or identified using SQL, facilitating customized reports
* Large installation size. The unzipped installation files for Apex 4.1 that includes 9 different languages for the "Application Builder" interface is 747 megabytes. The English-only version is 147 megabytes. Apex is installed on the database server; developers and users only need a web browser to build and use applications.
* Primary keys can be at most two separate fields. However since version 4.1 Application Express supports the use of ROWID for updates, inserts and deletes...

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