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Spread Of Islam In The 7th Ce To12th Ce

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The main topic of this essay is The origins and development of Islam as a religion and culture. This essay will show what factors helped Islam spread rapidly through out the Arabian Peninsula and beyond. Islam had begun to spread rapidly among the Arabs by the time of Muhammad's death in 632 CE. This growth helped stimulate Arabs to the surge of conquest, and armies quickly spread through the Middle East, including Persia, though the Byzantine Empire long held out amid reduced Asian territory. North Africa was another early conquest. Conquests by Muslim Arabs gradually turned into a more general spread of Islam in its Middle Eastern--North African heartland and beyond. There were many ...view middle of the document...

But the success of Muslim armies could create a situation in which other people found it diplomatic to convert, or in which they were attracted to the religion simply because of its manifest power and triumph.In other instances, Islam spread through more spontaneous conversions as people learned of it through trade and missionary activity. The religion was clearly attractive, with an open set of beliefs about what to do and what not to do in order to win access to heaven and avoid a regrettable eternity in hell. In most cases conversion began among ordinary people. It appealed to lower-class groups because of its commitment to charity and spiritual equality; it also legitimated merchant activity more than did most belief systems at the time, and so could attract traders. When Islam spread mainly by influence, involves relationships between elites and masses of the receiving areas. In some cases elites and ruling classes converted first, attracted by the religion but also by its praise for merchants and its political success; elites then spread the religion further.Changes in Islam itself motivated even more active and extensive spiritual leadership. After about 900 CE a movement called Sufism took hold. The movement emerged gradually and was fully defined only about 1200 CE. Sufi leaders worried about the luxury and materialistic interests of later caliphs, and also the diverse intellectual life...

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