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Sportsmanship Essay

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Sportsmanship is one of the most overlooked parts of sports today. People who are sports fans tend to care more about statistics and not about how those games are played. The blame can very easily be put on sports shows like ones on ESPN which prides players on how many points a player can score. Although those statistics are important, there is a problem with sportsmanship both on and off the field or court. The players who decide that is necessary to talk trash to other players and/or about other players are poor role models. Although there are these bad examples there are some great examples as well who display the greatest of sportsmanship.
Sports stations like ESPN could be a cause for alarm with the lack of control of players’ actions. The sportsmanship is never what is talked about on their highlight shows. What is always ...view middle of the document...

A great example of a disrespectful player is Terrell Owens. Until he had reached Dallas, he would disrespect his former quarterbacks, Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb. As a player, on the field, Terrell Owens is disrespectful, too. His taunts are rude and disrespectful, because they are so belligerent and excessive. Also, In this past season he had grabbed a fan’s box of popcorn and thrown it into his face. Terrell Owens doesn’t appear to be any kind of role model at all.
A great example of a team that is respectful as a whole is Butler University’s basketball team. I feel that they play basketball as it is supposed to be played. They are rarely rattled by trash talking and taunting, partially due to the fact that they do not talk trash themselves. Butler’s basketball team as a whole is relatively calm because they do not get wrapped in all the trash talking. As a result of disregarding taunting and trash talking, one could assume that that is why they are 25-3 this season and ranked 13th in the nation. Their composure is what leads them to victory, not the disgracing of opponents by taunts and talking trash.
With excessive trash talking in sports, it would be best for sports if taunting was limited. That way people like Terrell Owens would eventually break their habit of disrespecting the sports they play, because all of the trash talking and taunting makes the sports look sleazy and valueless. Players who are trash talkers and taunters are not ones to be admired. Butler’s basketball team, however, should be looked up to, because they are so composed and relaxed. Relaxation and composure is why they are such a successful as a team. Butler’s success should not come as a surprise though, because taunting and trash talking is not a necessity to win games. Sportsmanship ultimately needs to be displayed in more places, because it is such a value to sports. It is not though, and that is why sportsmanship is one of the most overlooked aspects in sports today.

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